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Originally Posted by davo10375 View Post
Why not copping?

self restraint

Originally Posted by Lachy View Post
Really? Is this out some conscious effort to save, perhaps get more use out of your clothes, or simply nothing appealing to you at the moment?

Yes, yes and yes however I might do some sale kopping haven't decided yet.
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3 Manik X Charles Peterson tees
1 Manik X Sub Pop tee
1 Manik X Charles Peterson deck
Warehouse zippo
3 Uniqlo X gilded age henleys
2 Uniqlo X gilded age button downs
1 Hysteric glamour tee
1 Quick release belt
Edward Scissorhands dvd
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That's pretty cheesy and awesome.
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I know, that's why I had to get it. My bank account is cringing, though.
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Nice theme.

Reminds me a little of this

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This is the one Kiya got (the black one) and the green one wasn't made this season.
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copped a bunch of plain polo tees for layering, and I would have grabbed an 08 fall RRL workshirt, but shit it fit a tad on the small was the only RRL piece in the whole outlet too. =(
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Gilt sale
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Visvim for me...

Nike JP

Visvim for the wife..

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Originally Posted by joel_954 View Post
Did you buy these online?

No, in store.
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japanese persian sandals kiya?
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mjKrell red chambray
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Tamworth in calf leather

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