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Bought 2 pairs of 5EP Jeans. Bnwt.

One Straight Down Zip and the other LBC one wash for $ 53 each. Two pairs of CP company pants for $ 59 each. Madison clothes in Los Angeles is fazing out men's wear and everything is 75 to 80 % off. Not much left. They have Rag & Bone, KMW, 5EP, CP, Marni and some other high end brands.
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Originally Posted by robin View Post
I really don't have the time to take a picture and process it (despite posting on here all day).

So your camera is too good, then...
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Vintage Eddie Baur Parka-$6+shipping

Olive Nwt Gap shorts-$3
Baby Blue Nwt Target polo-$1

disposable camera
hersheys extra dark chocolate with pomegranite
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Clarks Originals Desert Boot In Beeswax Clarks Originals Desert Boot in Sand Suede W+H Tigerfleece Grey Hoodie SS09 Soon (Just getting size right) Our Legacy Organic White Denim
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Did you order the OL jeans or get them in person? I'm curious as to how they fit and how they feel as I think a lot of people here are.
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Armor Lux, long-sleeve Metelot shirt, navy natural, 200 g/sq.m Egyptian cotton Uniqlo S-001, slim fit colour jeans, white
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Bullitt, I consistently enjoy your pickups. Did you get the Armor Lux shirt from their website? Adding to the white denim pileup, UPS came this morning with: - Bamford and Sons cotton faille jeans, in white
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Originally Posted by wiru View Post
McGregor - Needles did something like this, last f/w maybe.


this is great. anywhere to cop? or was it just an ebay pop up?

mcgregor is a vintage americana brand?
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Overdye Navy blue BoO short sleeve shirt.

My first BoO and I love it. Now I am afraid I wont be able to control myself and buy many more BoO shirts.
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damir doma sweats
drkshdw sweat shorts
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I bought this coat after looking for something similar to what Liam Gallagher is wearing in this picture It's not exactly the same but it kind of has a similar button style going on. I got a decent price on it too so we'll see how it goes.
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I was looking for a summer replacement for my Breton jumper and found this Armor Lux shirt at the Manufactum website. The quality of the fabric is great. I am tempted to buy an other one in a different colour, however I have enough horizontal stripes in my wardrobe.

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Bullitt, I consistently enjoy your pickups. Did you get the Armor Lux shirt from their website?
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Went to get a pompadour, bitch nearly gave me a faux-hawk.
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A pompadour? You're slowly turning into one of those middle aged Japanese men that fetishize midcentury America. When are you starting your own denim line?
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I had a badass pomp for 2 years
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