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very nice. i love my vass. you will too.
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wrong forum *post deleted*
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Very nice shoes Fuuma.
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Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post
You should order some, the price compared to "fashion" boots is quite competitive and they're light and comfortable without being flimsy.

I know I've been wanting to and greg was helping me out with sizing but still going to have to wait. Was thinking of u last but your f last might have me convinced.

I feel some rp therapy on some other stuff coming on at the end of the month though.
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Morgan Homme Polyurethane Coated Cotton Rider Jacket
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The pants in this awesome black white material Cotton vest Black and white seamed and cut polos
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Originally Posted by FiveFiveFive View Post

APC, plaid short-sleeve button-up (from Barney's)

you liked that material? It felt like it was made out of cardboard.
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^welcome to apc kid
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that shirt was exceptionally more like it
how does that material age after washes?
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Not well unfortunately, they're made to look decent on the rack (except for the most recent ones) but once they come into contact with water they fade and fall apart. When buyers go to the apc showroom all the samples utilize great fabrics while being made in france but once they produce them Jean puts one over on everyone and they arrive shittily made in china or wherever their third world factories are.
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Margiela military style tee (flat lock contrast stitching, etc...) and a Wings+Horns thermal cardigan in grey "boulder" I think. Will be good for the warmer spring days (which haven't come to Idaho yet.)
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Imperial Shearers Black Pure Blue Japan 010 Excited as fuck for the purple. =)
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Uniqlo x Opening Ceremony, in case that bottom caption's illegible.
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Nice Collective Rendesvous T-shirt in off white. Instead of the black stripes on the back, it has red. Nice Collective Reversible Nylon Jacket. Lova Cuffed Light Blue Shirt Lova Blue Striped Tank Top And a J. Lindberg purple checked shirt I cannot find a photo for. The best part about all of this was everything was around 75% off.
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Good buys, let me know how the Lova is, been thinking about a few pieces.
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