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What currency do they use?
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The store's home currency is SEK but you can change the currency setting and pay in dollars/credit cards hooked up to American bank accounts.
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The Swedish Krona. As of today, ~8.37 = 1 USD.
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Just bought these...
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nice choice... still hoping to find the white court lows from last season in 44 though. i think they look better with the cap toe.
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Originally Posted by somethingclever View Post
What are those? I'd wanna cop a pair and get em hemmed.

its part of junya watananbe's summer collection
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I think i like the varsity jacket looking model of that APC jacket but it's still really nice. Awesome pickup on that S2A bag. I've wanted one of those for awhile.
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Originally Posted by bsyde82 View Post
- i should add, tresbienshop is a great online store. good selection, VAT tax discount, and amazingly fast shipping considering it's coming from Sweden. And no customs bill as of yet (ordered that big several weeks ago), so I'm hoping that means I'm in the clear?

Is it cheaper to order of tres bien shop with the vat tax and conversion rate?
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I just compared prices, significantly cheaper than stuff that is not on sale. I'm pretty sure Bank of America will hit me with a $10.00 fee for currency conversion, so i gotta add that in.
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wtf they have a spot for social security number in the register new customer section
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I wouldn't fill that in...
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The Uniqlo All Japan raw selvage sadly did not come in skinny. I tried on APC New Cures and I thought they were okay, but they were also surprisingly marked up to $190 at the APC store. So I walked to Blue in Green with the intent to buy Naked and Famous Weirdguys. ... I walked out with Somet 008 Low Rise Slim Fits. Twice the quality jean, twice as awesome of a fit... twice the price, but hey, why not go for the gusto with my first selvage denim? (I also lifted one of my fingernails on a Weirdguy rivet, and the staff generously supplied me with Neosporin and a band-aid)
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From ebay I recently won two pair of newer shell cordovan in my size for a total price of $203. Also purchased a nice pair of MacNeils from a fellow SF member.
Black Alden for Brooks Bros. cap toe bluchers # 02161 for $39 BIN and a pair of black shell Alden Longwings for $163. Now I have to start buying nice calf.

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nice buy nananine! Those are the only raw jeans i own and I love them. I do have a pair of dry bones coming in the mail though...
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