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Originally Posted by jet
^I remember when you said the thin finns were your fav

-apc lightweight grey pants grey

are these the grey khaki pants for about 190?
i was thinking about getting those
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These are 5 pocket cut with white stitch. The ones on the website are different.
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Originally Posted by jet
^I remember when you said the thin finns were your fav

#2 on my fave list now, brother.
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Greetings to Yoox.





Mario Matteo

Mario Matteo


DKNY Jeans

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am i the only one, that when they shop on yoox, has to put their hand over the model's upper body on the screen to actually get a feel for what something truly looks like? who else could make cloak look like an italian tourist on vacation in the caribbean? that said, i just picked these up from yoox:
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a pair of jack purcells

Gap red jeans (made of african cotton? really curious)

a pair of prps jeans ( don't know why, but my gf likes them.)

a.p.c. slim cut jacket

nudie thin finns (black coated)

A lot of Descente stuff---skiing pants, goggles, etc.
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My first "designer" splurge

Alexaner McQueen Blazer (Sand) for about $159US on sale from $398
Diesel Floral Print Short Sleeve Shirt $70US
Datch Pink v-neck shirt (Green version in attached pic) $30
Ben Sherman short sleeve patterned shirt $58
AB/Soul Jeans on sale for $89US from $178--is anyone familiar with this brand?
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Originally Posted by chronoaug View Post

In the past month i picked these up.

-German Army Sneakers bought from a german site by sufu member felix for me. $75
-Brown cracked leather Gola Strides bought from $65
-Pure Blue Japan 005s bought from a sufu member in the marketplace. They fit pretty much perfectly. I was worried because i'm about a 31.5 and they're a 31 but it worked out great. $185
-Gap slim fit wool cargo pants. Pretty decent fit and they the look of them is pretty nice. On the sale rack too. $9

oh, nice first glance i thought they were margielas...
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Originally Posted by Badseeds View Post
oh, nice first glance i thought they were margielas...

Dior makes some inspired by these.
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Dior 19cm black whiskered Paul Smith lace-ups... damn, these are awesome. I think I'm in love with PS shoes. (not pictured) Richard Kidd white dress-shirt
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I still love that sweater.

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and because I'm already on a spending spree, I just ordered from bluefly:
Zegna jeans/trousers
Marc Jacobs floral print button up shirt
Theory Twill Pants

Plus, I got cheap Burburry jeans off ebay (hope to god they're not fakes) and I bought a black trenchcoat from Club Monaco. I think I'm done clothes shopping for awhile LOL
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I just went on an epic spring spending spree of my own. I'm so glad we decided never to have kids.

Lands' End:
- "tailored fit" 3-button suits w/flat-front pants: black, dark charcoal, dark navy, tan.
- dress sportcoats: navy gabardine blazer, wheat herringbone silk blend, brown plaid silk blend, black plaid silk blend.
- casual sportcoats: khaki washed cotton, brown washed corduroy, olive washed corduroy.
- flat-front pants: brown finewale cords, khaki finewale cords, khaki twill, gray twill, olive wool, brown wool.
- "tailored fit" dress shirts: blue windowpane, blue minicheck, blue wide stripe, blue with white windowpane, light blue, light french blue, light pink, yellow ocbd, dark pink ocbd, ecru ocbd, white ocbd x5.
- ties: red with little hearts, slate blue silk knit, gold silk knit, navy neat, green neat, red/navy/gold striped skinny, pink and green striped skinny, green and blue striped skinny, blue solid, red solid.
- shoes: black plain toe oxfords, tan monk straps.
- belts: black, tan, cordovan.
[I've always had good luck with Lands' End after minor alterations, and I have a Sears card.]

American Apparel
- hoodies: brown/pink thermal, lapis flex fleece, black flex fleece.
- v-necks: forest, brown, cranberry, ash grey stripe.
- black sweater vest.
- olive cardigan.
- white polo.
- cranberry track jacket.

Old Navy
- gray bootcut cords.
- brown henley t-shirt.
- black aviator knockoffs.

Skinny purple tie with white stripes.
Brooks Brothers blue tie with little bunny rabbits.

Black and nickel briefcase, Schlesinger.
White Jack Purcells.
Haspel grey/white seersucker coat.
Acne Mic Rigid, Denim Bar.
10mm sterling silver bracelet,
Order for 4 custom shirts, local tailor.
New copy of D Generation CD, one of my all-time favorite NY Dolls/Hanoi Rocks descendant bands.

I'm going to be a happy boy over the next couple weeks, and all for less than the cost of one Kibroni suit or whatever.

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Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
I think I'm in love with PS shoes.

welcome to the gangbang
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sartoriallychallenged, I kind of really like that Marc Jacobs shirt, but it looks kind of sheer--mind posting impressions once you get it?
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