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You should have been at the opening with Raf
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From the YMC sale In chocolate brown: Fit is so perfect
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For Jet, my non-peasant purchases. Both are simple but look awesome worn. Geller F/W 07 Leather with removable collar Mihara Yasuhiro Side Zip Racer Boots
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I don't get the can opener.
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Classic metal toe-taps, swear I've seen them before. Either way, I quite like the touch. My classy version of nazi stompers, I suppose.
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Property of work bag:

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I think the Mihara boots look awesome. Great purchase.
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Finally, non-peasant and not garbage.
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Yeah, Kill the dj killed it. Always been really in to Mihara footwear but I never see it pop up on discount and I'm pretty much priced out at retail.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
Finally, non-peasant and not garbage.
I should've bought the raf blazer or asymmetric yohji blazer just for you. I felt like the pretties girl at the ball. andrew- Yea, i've been in the jil store. It's pretty awesome. kill dj- Nice pickups but they'll never make you a rich man. Think of all the genuine turkey dogs you could've bought with that money. You're never too rich to enjoy a turkey dog
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There was this one yohji blazer I almost got a couple months back, one side was significantly longer (like fuuma's frock coat) than the other breast of the jacket.
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rick owens high collar in elusive xxl for $599
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i have a solid navy wool 3/2 roll corneliani suit arriving at my doorstep later today
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got the OC x Uniqlo jacket. Damn that thing is SLIM. if I was 5 lbs heavier, woud be too tight. Dope though.
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I've gained Jet approval. Now I can sell everything and enjoy life like in "Virgin Spring"* Chrono: I've already got a ham dinner with mayonnaise at home. Magician: If you're the same magician from SZ, I picked them up from BC3. Best boots Kunk: congrats, look forward to seeing a fit pic. *Obscure ironic film rape joke.
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