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So glad I didn't buy those a year ago.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
So glad I didn't buy those a year ago.

Yeah, imagine all of the time you saved by not having to call out the 100's of people who would have bit.
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Nah that's only reserved to e-chincheck socal.

Just call me the card puller. Fok, name change pronto.
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The all black suede RO hi-tops are unbelieveable, those are kinda nice also but probably wouldn't get them. Kunk +rep on claude maus, some good shit especially basics. Tried on a shirt in a very light material was like a light blue, cut was great and was about 190 AUS so not bad at all. Is it available much in the US?
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I've bought everything from every brand in the world before anyone else you're all pwned by me!
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^when can we expect a workwear waywt?
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Or better yet: Old Navy + Faded Glory + Merona waywt.
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rick owens high tops are ugly
there i said it
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I think the brown suede ones kinda suck. I like the milk ones though as they look like sexy time when they're really beat up
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I want some high tops now.
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you should get some, I'd like to see you work em. never was a fan of the suedes but the all black and a few other combinations look good.
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those are dope and I would rock them with my workwear raw denim fuck the haters you are just jealous becuase you are stuck dorking it up in llbean and alden shit
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They're growing on me... but they only look good if your tall enough

e.g. top right looks good, while bottom right
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break that shit in Nat
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