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Thrifted this Willis & Geiger yesterday. It's in perfect shape. This is after a wash, low heat in the dryer for about 5 mins and then hang dry. I was impressed with how wrinkle free it was.

Also got a plain retro Old Navy sweatshirt that considering I paid $1.50 for it will serve as a nice bum around shirt more cheaply than Rickson or the Urban Outfitters version.
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Bright red vintage Boy Scouts of America wool shirt jacket. Insane patch on the back, pics might follow...
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My first pair of raw denim (Nudies RRDS) and my JV chukkas from the Gilt sale.

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Jacket Shirt Sweater Belt Boat Shoes Hat Reversible Windbreaker The side that probably will never be worn...
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USA>blue. Is the windbreaker h&m?
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Originally Posted by Jferg4350 View Post
I liked the solid white version, but the medium was a tad small and the large was huge on me. Also I wasn't nuts about the exposed elastic cloth. If it's rainwear, it shouldn't be getting soggy.
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Originally Posted by davo10375 View Post
there were junya shorts for 150 on tuesday, i think a small in khaki and poss a medium/small in navy. Also the similar thing but in pants. Decent range of sizes quite a bit of L and XL. Struggling to stay away from the sale

kunk i was also disappointed by the tee... proportions were ridiculous. The shoes are great... was wanting a pair of sneaker sneakers (as opposed to springcourts etc) and these are the scarlett/penelope/beyonce of sneakers kinda (imo).

hope sense was made

I ended up going today (for the first time), didn't know they had a Claremont store, haha.

Was weird seeing RO hi's irl instead of just pictures, didn't expect something like that in Perth.

Overall the store has a really nice vibe, Scott was really helpful as well.
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pants and hoodies??
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don't forget the hat
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Originally Posted by michaeljkrell View Post
Got this awesome leather camera bag (?) at the thrift store for $25.

Nice. It kinda reminds me of the old pre M-mount Leica leather bags and the modern Billingham camera bags.
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kid wants to be me
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I had this belt made for me yesterday by a local leather worker; the guy is amazing. He makes everything from belts, to custom shoes, wallets, purses, jackets: literally he can make anything from leather. He can also match leather colors; He is going to make a blue belt to match my tredair boots. BoO shirt xs from Gilt Nudie Conny Jacket black coated and MJK wool jacket RMW boots Macquerie with brass screwed sole Fred Perry Italian Knit sweaters Fred Perry Japanese Polo, I love the extra short sleeves and unbranded MOP buttons.
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Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC View Post

kid wants to be me

who wouldnt want to be like fashion jesus

no but seriously, i was shopping at atelier long before sz was your flavor of the month
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