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Red Wings are N.I.C.E.
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For some reason, I'm getting major Visim vibes from those Red Wings. What's the difference between the anniversery Clarks and regular ones?
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Originally Posted by Bona Drag View Post
Red Wings are N.I.C.E.

+10. Sweet.

Are the clarks 10US?
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They are size 10US. The notiable differences are of course being made in England with better construction and material as opposed to China, leather laces as opposed to nylon, extra support material on the upper collar, shoelace eyelets say "clarks" around them and I believe the sole is darker. Not sure if there is anything else as I've never owned a pair of the new ones.
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Just got my stuff from the Gilt Loomstate sale. What do ya'll think of the BLue jacket? Im kinda torn on it. Seems pretty plain.

What about the red polo, are the sleeves supposed to be that long??

Like the henley, not the color I was expecting but love the fit.

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I think all the pieces look fine dude
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+1 All the items fit perfectly, the sleeves are definitely supposed to be that long on the polo (they even made it so you can see the line on the sleeves where they normally would end and how it extends further) Blue jacket is plain except for the fact that it is not plain, the pockets are interesting, it's got a texture to it and the colour is a slightly indigo/off version of boring-blue, I'd keep it. That henley is in one of my favourite colours, that moss green is very vintage/oldern and to me plays down the 'guido' factor of some henleys. Keep everything.
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itsmedeka, did you get the red wing chukkas on oipolloi? What's sizing like on them?
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awesome detail shots on the clarks, wish I had the anniversary's (the quality looks way better than normal clarks!)
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^thanks! Yes I did, I believe they are all sold out now tho. I wear 10.5 in vans/nike and got them in 10 and fit nicely, could probably pull off 9.5 if I had to. I also originally wanted them in mahogany but they were sold out of my size, but over all I'm very happy with them.
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I do however wish they came with this sole, the more traditonal Red Wing style.
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Those Clarks look great. The construction looks so much better than the chinese DBs. Too bad they are all gone. And is there any stateside retailer of those Red Wing Moc Toe Chukkas?
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Originally Posted by erdawe View Post
Damn I hope my bluebee 70% purchase they shipped is I actually ordered, not something else. The stories have me worried
I was going to reassure you, that is until they sent me the wrong boots today. Turns out they are SS07, they had both model stickers on the box. One leg rolled and one over the boot for comparison:
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this jacket:

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Originally Posted by AlanC View Post
Yeah, I'm going to keep it. Yours will show up, I have no doubt!
Yeah, it's on its way. Judging from the measurements, the L should fit me pretty well. We'll see! EDIT: Man, I think I finally found an EG hoody that fits perfectly- charcoal in small. Arrived today.
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