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First day in NYC, went to Uniqlo and bought 2 Vneck ribbed sweaters in dark brown and blacl, extra small hehe. At the end of the day I checked out APC, after arguing with myself over whether I should buy the women's cashmere sweater (blue/gray stripes) I actually bought it! Laugh if you want but I love it
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Ok, I've been in NY for 10 days now and it's about time I posted some thoughts and what I bought. Famous Friends - I had a little trouble getting here, because first time I went I could't find it (I forgot my map and address of the store). Second time I went on a tuesday, which is one the days that the store is closed. Third time I finally managed to get inside—had a pleasant chat with the owner (very knowledgable and cool guy) and bought a W+H slim fit, tiger fleece hoodie in lavender color (pics below). They still have some orange and lavender tiger fleece left (in both slim and classic fit), as well as some of the plain hoodies in black and blue—also slim and classic fit. Other than that, there's some Henrik Vibskov t-shirts, some "So Last Season" stuff—especially nice jacket, and some other brands. The store is definitely a must if you're visiting NY. Nom de Guerre - I went to the one in Noho, so maybe the other one is a little less empty, but this one certainly doesn't have any of the better pieces left. I tried on their gray hoodie from this season in small and I looked like some kind of thug in it—huge arms, baggy fit, not appealing at all, as well as crap zippers. They had some parkas left, which impressed me even less and the rest I didn't even bother trying on. They have a sale on the lower floor, it's mostly APC, Noah, and older NdG stuff. The Noah stuff was impressive, but still a little expensive even on sale. Bought a Maripol t-shirt... Blue in Green - I can't say much about BiG, since they didn't have any of the jeans in my sizes. Though they're supposed to receive new shipment right about now, so I'm going to check out the store again. Certainly impressive selection though. Cloak - right next to BiG, they've got nice stuff, but the jacket I was interested in, wasn't thought out very well, because it was impossible to move my arms in it—even when I tried two sizes larger... oh well, but they have a sale, so stuff is relatively cheap. Dior Homme - one of the best stores I've visited, surpassed only by Famous Friends. The design is brilliant as I've mentioned before, especially the fitting rooms. They've got plenty of stuff and a lot of it is on sale (50%). The staff is actually very helpful and not at all snobby like in most other high-end stores. Bought a wool sweater for 50% off here. Odin - ugh, they have a nice selection, but I don't even want to talk about their staff. Any time I asked them for something they behaved like they were doing me such a big favor by actually listening to me. Didn't buy anything here and if they keep up their level of service, I won't anytime soon. Clientele - friendly staff, a lot of kicks, I don't think there's anything more to add. Bought the MJ Vans here... Issey Miyake - Ok, I was too lazy to look at the quality of the stuff, but the designs for Spring/Summer collection are very impressive, especially the jackets. They've got a sale, but there's not much stuff there and nothing that got my interest, S/S 07 on the other hand... MJ Vans Sk8 Hi NdG Maripol t-shirt Dior Homme wool sweater ($180, surprisingly cheap for DH) AA hoodie W+H tiger fleece (small, slim fit)
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Nice pickup - I really like that DH sweater.
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Cross-posting from sufu:

-Cloak stripped selvedge black jeans: Those are very skinny, I wouldn't go tighter unless I wanted to look like I was wearing denim leggings and I do have chicken legs. They're great to tuck into boots though, which is why I bought them. My other pairs of black jeans are slim but not tight enough to have the right tucking effect imho.

-Engineered garment brown "denim" jacket (cut like a denim jacket but the material is more like canvas). This one looks so boring on the rack I'm probably the first guy to have bought one in the whole city. When you pair it with an EG flannel shirt and some raw jeans it then starts to works its magic. Great layering piece and the material crumples very easily, I'll probably gather it in a ball and throw it in a corner for a week and it'll look perfect.

I also purchased an Ugo Cacciatori ring (silver, leaves pattern set with onyx stone).
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argh, that Dior sweater is freaking awesome... did they have any left?
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ey tiranis how much were the MJ Vans?
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Originally Posted by thisisme
ey tiranis how much were the MJ Vans?
$100 including tax, but I don't think they have any of the bigger (10+) sizes left. They appear on ebay quite often at the moment"”these and the prisson issues, though Hi's only occasionaly, it's mostly Low's.

Originally Posted by minya
argh, that Dior sweater is freaking awesome... did they have any left?
I'm not sure, it was the only one on display, but they did say that they have more stuff in the back"”so god knows.
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I picked up a few Margiela and Band of Outsiders shirts at Barney's Coop (SCP) for $119 and $79, respectively. They still have a few white and black Margiela shirts in various sizes (XL for sure, I think S and M as well) and a few blue overdyed band of outsiders shirts (S, M, L still available)

I passed on the Rag & Bone blazers but they had them in midnight blue and black for $219 ($660 retail) in sizes 40-46 that I saw.
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Picked up a Nice Collective Hoodie (navy) with interesting details from Coop for $89 ($219 retail)
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Recently? Too much stuff.

Got a really nice lambswool scarf which is mainly orange an russet, but with greens, browns, and tans in it at the local "Irish Imports" store, $38, and better than most designer scarves costing up to 10 times as much out there. There are great sweaters too. Unfortunately, although the construction is up there, and the prices down there, they are all built for burly Irish guys or fishermen in the Aran Islands, not me).
(Irish Imports, Cambridge, MA).

Got a John Varvatos USA pullover hoodie in sort of grey/green color (cement) that has some interesting shoulder construction, brass snaps at the neck, and a sunbaked look (brown tones on hood, shoulders, and elbows) on sale in San Francisco. Was impressed with this piece since there was not much else in the line worth mentioning. (Bloomingdales, SF, CA)

Got the Khaki eco-wool hoodie from Peasant on sale. His prices are extremely fair to begin with (everyone else was selling that hoodie for $190-$200 retail, from Barneys to MAC, vs. Brian's $176, so I really encourage you guys to support him and encourage this practice.)
(Peasant, Birmingham, MI)

Got (not bought, but a Christmas gift) a barbell leather bracelet from Jutta Neumann, who is my favorite leather maker in the States. It's from my wife, so I extra like it. (Jutta Neumann, NYC, NY)

Green with purple striped scarf from Jack Spade. The retail on this was $125. Inexplicably, in the Kate Spade store, the thing was 75% off before Christmas. That, or they liked me. I'm not complaining either way.
(Kate Spade, SF, CA)

White perforated Van slip ons in LA. Walked so much since beginning of Dec that they are nearly worn through already (conferences and visiting does that.) (Neo 39, Pasadena, CA)

Um, also, some fingerless gloves. It never really gets too cold in Boston, ever, so these are perfect in winter except for about half a dozen days. Got black for my cool color outfits and chestnut brown for my warm and earth tone outfits. (Proletariat, Cambridge, MA)

Straight Svens. The rise on these fits me to the T. I will need to break these into my now 6 jean current rotation (5EP bootcuts, SDA D1002, SPURR Raw Classic, JohnBull SC007s, APC New Standards, and now Nudie Straight Svens.) (Denim Bar, Arlington, VA)

Now, must
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Arc'teryx Fugitive Hoody - $225 I've decided to go for functionality over style on this one...
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Stopped by Odin today. Selection is as awesome as ever except that now everything is on sale

Picked up a Nicholas K Bronson jacket in fawn color. The fit is fantastic and details are incredible. It was 40% off so that's not too bad
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Originally Posted by hanker565
Arc'teryx Fugitive Hoody - $225

I've decided to go for functionality over style on this one...

I love Arc'teryx stuff. My next one on the hit list is the Fission SV. I suspect that it'll be the last winter jacket I'll have to buy for the next 20 years. Can't bring myself to pay 5 bills for it though.
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Originally Posted by gdl203
Stopped by Odin today. Selection is as awesome as ever except that now everything is on sale

Picked up a Nicholas K Bronson jacket in fawn color. The fit is fantastic and details are incredible. It was 40% off so that's not too bad

agreed about odin. picked up an EG sweatshirt for $50 off. did you go to the one on Lafayette? never been to the other one and was wondering the difference in selection..
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