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Croc embossed nubuck? Turquoise? Really guys?

/chrono impersonation
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not bad, jet
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Hahaa, alright man I'm off to pick up my december sales wares and check out rh for you bitch.

PS. Fuck your magic they got lucky last night.
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19cms on mandate w/ gosurface
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That bag is awesome.
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Thanks for all the compliments guys, except for Jet, who doesn't love me anymore. I'm making bag love, we're going to have bag babies.
Originally Posted by Teger View Post
19cms on mandate w/ gosurface
And what a wonderful date it was! Glad you got the jeans, they look great on you. *edit* The previous pics were rushed. Don't really show how saturated the color is:
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One of my last purchases was this jacket that I found on sale, it was down from 499 to 110. Felt like a pretty good deal for a jacket that never tends to go out of style. Wish I had it during december though and not now when it's 85F outside.

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btw gosurfaces bag is very very nice in person.
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I still love ya bitch even though your bag looks like it's alive.
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^ dead dragonskin bag. next leveL
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It was made from the skin of a ninja turtle.
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Eclectic buy... RRL shawl collar cardigan Jil Sander shoes (Copying SoCal here...) Engineered Garments Shirt Jacket Number (N)ine Jeans Number (N)ine Purple Trench Also I bought some snowboard gear and some BoO (Camel Coat and Sweater) off B&S
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Damir Doma nubby asym zip coat Rick Owens canvas sneakers Drkshdw drop crotch sweatpants Black Palms tattoo (old Raf thing)
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Originally Posted by keykoo View Post
Eclectic buy...
Really liking the shoes.
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OMFG, plz adopt me.
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