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RW belt Vintage shetland wool sweater.
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Waow this jacket is great !

Congratulations , nice purchase

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Commissioned painting of Diesel by Brian Rubenacker..

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Not quite as good as this, but close.
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They're a bit snug, but if i relace to make a bit looser and wear thin socks (which i would since they'd be for spring) it should be a bit better
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Originally Posted by chronoaug View Post
Not quite as good as this, but close.

Quoted again for awesomeness.
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Kiya that is beyond awesome. Chrono those are alright, where'd you get them? CDG actually has some alright footwear in that vain but I never hear of anyone wearing them
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Ebay. Figured they'd be nice for spring. I just need to quit being a bitch and buy those khaki junya shorts or pants. These sneaks would go perfect with them.
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Bought some fresh coogi.

Price: $250
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I don't know how I will follow up that last gem but here goes:
NiCo Overshirt and S2A Button-Up:

NiCo Khakis:

Shipley & Halmos Shirt:

All from Secret Service. I also got a hooded scarf from AA.
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Yeh chrono man they would go great with either of those. Has the dude replied yet? I think the shop has been shut the past few days so that could be why.
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I haven't emailed because i'm debating whether or not i want to drop the dough
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Yeh thats cool; with the exchange rate they are like sub 200 for you, don't wait to long because (fingers crossed) the aus dollar might improve. He won't pressure you or anything so if you want measurements or anything feel free to email him.
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Dont know why I bought this. It seems cool but might be a bit too much? dont even know what shoes to wear with this
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