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Shipley and Halmos henley
Robert Geller belt (supposed to be here today)
Socks from the MAC (best socks ever. They hold up lke nothing else. Made by some old factory in Japan)
Nice Collective "moto" sweat
John Varvatos ribbed henley (good sales at Barneys)
Vintage Colibri pocket watch
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
aubergine raf simons wool jacket
do you mean PURPLE?!!!
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My mistake, I think it's more of a burgundy than eggplant iirc. I already have a purple blazer.
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Brunswick (i cannot bowl, yet)

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Interesting... .
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http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=92755 Can cop both for 130+shipping which comes out to 147. Deal right? Im trying to achieve some of the fits in the WAYWT and I think the boots and jeans are similar.
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I like the shoes. I would hold off on the Nudies. I think if you spend more time on here you will lean to a more understated jean. I have a pair of greycasts and all but never wear them in preference for more simple, un-logo'd jeans.

Do not rush into purchases, especially if they are a change in style from what you usually get.
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It's a good deal if they'll both fit and you think they'll suit the kind of clothes you wear. The boots are too clunky for my tastes, but others prefer that. Much as it's often suggested that people draw inspiration from the WAYWT thread, that's aimed more towards a general style rather than emulation of a specific fit... You're not likely to look like X in similar clothes simply because you're not X. I would advise at least trying this (or very similar) stuff on before ordering it over the internet. Of course it's hard to mess up BoO shirt, jeans and brown boots.
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Knit navy/cream striped shawl collar:
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JCrew? Nice. Gonna have to swing by there soon.
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Picked up a BoO shirt from the Barney's sale... considering getting another (how low [high?] do you think the sale will go? should I hold out for more drops?)
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Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak View Post
Knit navy/cream striped shawl collar:

this is fantastic
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Originally Posted by poly800rock View Post
this is fantastic

I don't remember ever seeing this online. Shame.
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Slim fit Tiger Fleece
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very nice purchase. envious!
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