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EG Charcoal Bedford from Mauro and Co.

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Originally Posted by jet View Post
Why don't you pick up a fuckin phone bitch.

too early for a booty call
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Originally Posted by Get Smart View Post
picked up Band of Outsiders forest green "hunter shirt" from S/S today
Shit, that shirt sounds so, so, so familiar... L is what you get, sloppy seconds. 5 days in LA: s2a trench s2a sweater s2a blue stripped shirt Crate belt (which fits my Nudies very, very well) and... BoO forest green hunter shirt. Last time I wear shit I actually enjoy wearing when meeting Jas. Almost forgot the EG scarf courtesy of Mauro. Guess it was the last one and will be my staple around DC next month.
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It's probably too big.
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Allen Edmonds Mora Clarks Desert Boots
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Cole Haan Captoe Jack Spade Laptop Bag from Gilt Groupe
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My first Pradas, what a difference a shoe can make!

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Tanner London Tan + Nickel (they sent the wrong size but promised to ship the right one out tomorrow).
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My Tanner belt in natural tan leather is about a week or two shy of being a year old. So far I have tanned it in the sun a few times but I have not put anything on it. I think in a few weeks when it hits 1 year I am going to put some Obenauf's LP on it and let it go another year.
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You should look into Crate's belts. Really high quality stuff that ages like crazy. Here's a pic I snapped of Chad of Crate's belt after one month of wear (originally the color in the tanner pic):
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Originally Posted by wax View Post
These are awesome. Where did you get them? Edit: Found these but they look a lot darker, maybe it's the flash from your camera?,pd.html
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^^ Gonna guess Yoox. There's still a pair size 8 left.
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the ones on yoox are the same but different leather/finish. i got mine from barneys in chicago..their website has a couple sizes
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skulls 5010xx 6x6 one washhh
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