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Originally Posted by poly800rock
you notice how the medium slip ons are way wide? my feet look tiny in mine, dont wear them b/c of that

Actually, funny you should say that. The night before I went to the store, I was going to order them from Zappos and all the feedback said "shoes run 1 size too large".

The width is perfect. Anyway, I purposely bought one size lower. That's what you should have done. They are perfect!
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Originally Posted by Brian SD
tangerine, nice photo. Your hands look huge though. Gigantic.

I used to make a living, man, pickin' the banana!
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sygyzy love the pumas

I picked up some loafers, denim on the sides and dove grey leather on the top all the way to the vamp with a brown heel.
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Not the prettiest things around admittedly but they look decent enough, are comfortable as hot weather lightweight shoes and are decent as driving shoes, too!

Puma Future Cats

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PBJ AI-001
SDA athretic association shirt
SDA motorcycle club shirt
jose padilla cafe solo cd
lightning vol. 9 denim stylebook
sugarcane vintage denim detergent
martin margiela brown trousers
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Hey John11f, welcome. Have you used the SC detergent yet? I still don't perfectly understand what to do with the denim treatment----soak the jeans in it after the wash???
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thanks ddml. no i haven't bought them out of impulse. as you may well know, i have yet to break in most of my jeans. i figure i won't be using these detergent in a long while.
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Well, I don't plan to use the detergent for a while myself------it should take my some time to decode the Japanese instructions.... I remember your vast collection, by the way. You have some work ahead. Anyway, having that detergent on hand is a nice security blanket-----it eases my mind when I'm hiking sloppy trails or mucking about in the city.
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Lucian Pellat Finet X Vans Slip-Ons Heat by Bill Buford Pig Perfect by Peter Kaminsky Perfect 10 - Summer 06 Versions - Thivery Corporation CKU - Prima Trunks
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Originally Posted by DrBot
Those topsiders are awesome. Where did you get them in that color?

I got them at a place in town (Santa Barbara, CA). They have a darker brown too. It's not exclusive to the store. They are just Modern Amusement x Sperry. You can get them from Barney's or the MA website.
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Originally Posted by JET
sygyzy love the pumas

Thanks, they are Cubanbee x Puma RS100's.
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Originally Posted by Roland
Versions - Thivery Corporation
how is it?
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matching belt: number (n)ine thin lamb suede silk lined riders jacket how it looks worn:
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I LOVE those Poells. Do you have a motorcycle? I hesitate to buy motorcycle jackets without having a motorcycle, though that doesn't stop me from buying trucker jackets and trucker wallets.
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haha everyone in korea asked me that (all the leatherworkers i bought leather goods from for people on the other SF were bikers) and they would show me pictures of their harleys and them on their harleys. so i would have to answer- no i don't have one... yet. anyway, this wouldn't be suitable for a motorcyle- as LA guy ranted about (i think it was him) this is made of thin butter soft lamb suede. if i fell off a motorcycle in this the jacket would probably disintegrate. but... the ladies will love the texture trade offs eh?
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