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My birthday bag came today. Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Yves St Laurent crocodile embossed nubuck bag. Le siiiiiiiigh: Gucci Shawl:
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Hartmann Belting Leather Toiletry Bag

Uniqlo Vintage Chinos

Rod Laver Mids (on the way)
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Where did you find those rod laver mids?
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adidas has the lows on sale for 67 bucks and there is a 15% off coupon out there
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Originally Posted by Souper View Post
Where did you find those rod laver mids?

For some reason they are only selling these in Canada and Japan. I found a store called Complex in Vancouver that would ship to me in the US though. It's $160 shipped, a little more than I wanted to spend, but I've been looking for a clean white high top for a while now. If you're interested their contact info can be found at...
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Originally Posted by onetoomany View Post
Recent damage:

Oakley Crosshair Titanium sunglasses (photochromic)

Arrived today: Frye Brando Engineer boots, Tobacco, scored for $168 shipped on sale!

nice pick up on the boots, i have been eyeing those with fall/winter fast approaching here in the NE, any chance you can post a pic or two with them on?
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C&J for Polo on the way. Got a good deal on them; a much better deal than what they are offered at on the Polo site right now.

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xchen -- any inside info on that deal you got? ;]
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I make love to this every night ...!!!
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Yes, I was shopping at the Polo store in Atlanta and they had the end of summer markdowns going on. I found these shoes on clearance. They had a 10D but no 10.5D (my normal size in AE). I tried the 10D on and they were very snug but I was about to do it since they we're marked down a lot, but they only had one 10D shoe and one 9D shoe. There's no way in hell I could fit a 9D, so I had my SA check around with some other stores to see if they could find any.

Fast forward 2 weeks: he called my up yesterday and said they found a pair at the Costa Mesa store and they were being sent to me. A related note, all the mannequins in the store had on 10Ds but they were all stretched out from the wooden feet inside. These should be coming in in about a week. I'll update with some more detailed pictures.
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2 Tomas Maier palm tree cashmere sweaters
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finally picked up a pair of dior 19cm mij's
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from a couple weeks ago Fred Perry "Terry Hall" vneck sweaters. each color only 500 made of each worldwide. def some of the best jumpers that FP has made in a while, really nice lambswool knit, Made in UK...nice fitted shape sucks I can't wear these for a couple months yet
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Those v-necks are too deep for me. They'd look good with a shirt buttoned all the way up though.
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Those logos look HUGE. I got some splendid mills stuff from the BB sale and a pair of AE chelseas. GS and I are gonna look mac'n'style next week.
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