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Ebay, BIN, $90, was the eighth person to view the auction. Allen Edmonds Wingtips yay! Now if I only had things to wear them with...
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Yah that's about 1/4 of my closet space.
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Originally Posted by robin View Post
Look at what you did!

socal, WAYWNt that shit up soon. I'm interested in seeing how you'll make it work.
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I'm thinking my Tim Hamilton leggings.
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Damn I'm stupid :/ They told me they only had 1 in my size, so I did it :/
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Daaaaammmnnnn boiiiiii Well done. They're really nice looking sneaks. Is that nike or converse
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Kirkland brand. They were in the back, stuck between the muffins and the croissants.
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My Paul Smith shoes purchases until salestime at end of year...

"Timpano" mainline laceup in "cordo" color.

"Marcello" collection line loafer.

more details of these and PS shoes this season in the "Official Paul Smith shoe" thread
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Those are killer.
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anti thesis of GS

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those timpano's are jizz worthy.
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My first issue of Free & easy...
dont know what its called though, weird seller..
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Bobo, how you liking the blucher mocs? I might throw some pics of mine up on Sufu later today.
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