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I got some Polo dress shoes made by C&J tonight but they didn't have my size at the Atlanta store so they are doing a charge send to send it to my house from another store. Normal price is like $550 and they ended up being like $165. I'll post some pics when they arrive (Hopefully soon!).

Also got some new RRL chinos and an RRL military shirt, with another RRL western similar to a Flat Head shirt coming charge send as well.

Also got a J. Crew shawl collar sweatshirt that is niiiiiiiiice which will be making it into my WAYWTs often this F/W.

In the next few weeks I am going to get some black RRL slim fit jeans to wear to work with the black dress shoes (plain toe bal).
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Matching piece to my Philip Crangi bracelet set (high polish w/ rose gold)

Tim Hamilton black to metallic silver reversible trenchcoat from Gilt Groupe
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not true. although I dont like the label I know that their outlet business is flourishing (opening 15 new stores this year).
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Exchanged RRL slim fit chinos for some RRL slim fit jeans in black. I'll post some pics. I got them in a short inseam for no-break goodness!
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Sock overhaul, part one:

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^^ on sale ? where to buy?
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Originally Posted by averbuks View Post
not true. although I dont like the label I know that their outlet business is flourishing (opening 15 new stores this year).

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anyone pick up the free 20 bucks from off 5th outlet and spend it on godiva??? cause I did! Yum :-)
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Nice socks! I'm in a sock mood lately. I bought about 40 pairs of new socks in the last 3-4 weeks. All kinds of multicoloured stuff from Falke, Burlington, YSL and some Paul Smith's. My days of black, dark blue and grey socks are over it seems.
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Missed out when someone was selling it on sufu but got lucky and got a second chance on it. Huzzah
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Lucky find: last pair @ 66% off.
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Shit. I'd buy another pair at that discount, plus the color on those are ace. A sufuer is selling the black canvas laceups that i've really wanted but $175 is on the high end of what i want to pay for em'. I like the geller shirt as well.
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a pair of rrl regular fit jeans and a rrl navy henley all for the grand total of $46...
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finally got my iPhone 3G
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I thought all asian people were issued those 2 weeks ago?

My friend just got his as well and i played with it the whole drive home yesterday. Labyrinth is really difficult while someone's driving and sharply breaking to screw you up
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