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Yah I got it from Gravity Pope. I know they have one more shirt like I bought and also a grey suit. Other than that, I'm not sure.
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Thank you! I was looking for a souvenir jacket. I guess I will call the store tomorrow to see what they have. Btw, they also have some geller shirts and tees on sale on their website.
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NDG Button Down:

John Goot Cardigan:

Uniqlo Blank Crew Neck T-Shirts:

160 G Ipod Classic Black:

Piece de resistance...:

SE Long Sleeve Denim Shirt (Thanks Smokestack!!! )

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I just got that Nom de Guerre buttondown at Fred Segal. Contemplating whether I wanna keep it. The stripes are a cool touch, but I didn't realize how many friggin' white shirts I already own.
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Those Uniqlo shirts fit like shit. Way too boxy.
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Past month or so jet style/no pics: raf by light khaki colored trousers raf by lightweight charcoal trousers raf by fall 07 patched sweatshirt drkshdw greyish/khaki darted detroit cut jeans ymc evergreen knit from fall acne merino wool navy cardigan BoO patchwork s/s shirt BoO black royal weave tie tim hamilton royal blue jeans striped apc nautical looking tshirt shipping problems so i won't receive my mmm black vneck wool sweater and long sleeve helmut lang polo till mid-late august
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When did you start pushing, dude?

Nice haul.
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Sold some stuff awhile back. Made money back on some, turned a profit on others. Graduation money and all work/noplay this summer helped. Once i sell my uf football tickets, i'm gonna gear up for fall. Now i need to buy a new camera
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CTRL Mushi Mushi hoodie w/ buttons (going to do lots of very informal clubbing over the next few weeks).
Acne Hug jeans in Blackness (a bit fading, but I really like that they are indigo with a overcoat of black).
Acne Classic Slim 1 shirt in white.

Don't have a camera right now, so no pictures. But this stuff is probably not SF approved anyway.
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6.5 hours until i can buy something
but i dont really see anything i want (atleast at the price i want)
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Just picked up 2 Fred Perry polos for $38 each at Neiman Marcus, one red and one white. I heard they were on sale awhile ago from some one on the forum and just now got around to going. Lucky for me they still had a fair amount left. Also for what its worth, I had heard here NM was dropping the line (hence the sale), but the guy at NM said they had no plans on ending the line there, and they had more shipments coming in soon.
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Macbook Air base model on the eve of August.. I well & truly blew my self out of the no purchase in July Club!
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Blue marlboro classics polo, has anyone got some experience with the brand?
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A little post-bar exam gift to myself:

- ndc alithia boat shoe in black - can no longer find brown :-(
- BoO multi-ticking shirt
- BoO blue/black hatch shirt

and a lil while ago:

- reiz hecht eyeglasses
- yohji yamamoto pour homme white sneaks - over 50% off at barneys :-)
- acne max raw (thanks to DB's 50% off deal)
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^^ you have measurements on those acne max raw 29's?
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