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Damnit. Was hoping for something funnier Socal.
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Vans Sk8-Hi in white perforated leather

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Picked this up for $200 on will be tailored
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SoCal, I was considering picking those up actually. They are special order only? How much do they run?
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Where were you going to get them? Chicago has them in a size 8 and 9, NY has none. They are $1940.
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I don't know much about Jil, I was hoping I could get them from Barneys or some place like that. Nevermind though, I couldn't afford them if they were even half that price :P I'll just look froward to your eventual WAYWT pics.
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Yah the handmade collection starts out at this price and are only available (this S/S season Chicago only has stock) through Jil Sander boutiques. Last F/W they had a great purple lace up and blue combat boots. You can check out in Men's Clothing the "Jil Sander Handmade Shoes" thread.
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If they are anything like the JS/Lattanzi's of yesteryear (why wouldn't they be), they are utterly amazing. The combat boots I have seen are perfection.
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Why did Chicago get them instead of NYC?
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Picked these up on clearance at Brooks Bros, trying to decide whether to keep them. Thinking they might work with chinos, khakis, cords etc. but they seem a little too sleek or something. Thoughts?

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Those are pretty casual boots. You should be safe.
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They seem nice, maybe change up the lacing when you get them from how they are in the picture to counter some of the sleekness from the overall shape.
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Originally Posted by robin View Post
Why did Chicago get them instead of NYC?

NYC got 2 styles last F/W, so perhaps they were testing them out in Chicago this time? Also, with the store being in a temporary location so far up on Madison and all of that, I did notice that this past season they had a lot less runway items than they used to when they were on 57th St. next to Dior, LV, YSL, Chanel, etc.
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Robin and erdawe, thanks very much for the comments. It's a $448 retail shoe, I paid $179 so thought they were worth a shot. The quality seems quite good.
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