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Black whats?
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uhm, black lace-ups depicted on the previous page?
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Yea, i needed them an outfit today. They came just in the nick of time. I'll try to post the outfit later.
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Are you finding the NDC's to fit a little long? I was at the Barney's warehouse sale and saw the NDC Chukka's on the rack in my size and instantly knew I was going to buy them, but when I tried them on they were very long and a bit pointy.
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Yea, they're supposed to fit a bit long and narrow but i don't find them pointy at all. A good balance in my opinion.
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Last few days:

Finally hunted down these. Now I can be cool like chrono

both are Uniqlos

for looking adult/mature

for running/ultimate frisbee
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Sisley brushed twill P-Coat

I've been searching for a good, water-resistant P-Coat with slim fit. I just stumbled across this for $125 on Newbury St. and I had to have it. It's perfect, just the right Winter-Spring transition piece, good for layering but very snug, really nice hard-surfaced fabric.

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^ nice shape, waist suppression and all. I dig the epaulettes as well.
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pre-sale at Barneys to pick up Monday

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BoO S/S shirt Lanvin Scarf type thing Man, Barney's SF buys are lame.
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Originally Posted by keykoo View Post

Man, Barney's SF buys are lame.

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within these few weeks...
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Barney's stock is not top on my list of things to consider when debating relocation SoCal... or at least I am not at that point of life where I can afford for it to be.
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^^ that's really unfortunate, dannyylau.
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Thank goodness dannylau provided links to the digicam he used. Now I too can produce similarly stunning photography (*fingers crossed*).
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