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so dreamy :love:
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through the last two weeks of April I purchased...
KMW 1980 - one rinse
PRPS Tight Fit - Raw
Also, two shirts on sale from Hickey ( Kindve went on a denim spree, even though it will soon be far too hot to wear most of them (lives in NC)
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The Rogues Gallery boots are definitely quoddy. And $80? I kind of want to kill you smokestack.
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Originally Posted by robin View Post
What's the fit of that shirt like Baron? I assume it the quality is great too?

Originally Posted by shoreman1782 View Post
Yeah, interested to see a fit pic, if possible. Price on those is super reasonable. Collar looks maybe a little too retro in that pic, though.

I'm lukewarm on the fit. It's a little stiff right now so I'll know better after it's washed. the problem is that it's fairly snug in the shoulders and across the back, but it's blousy at the waist. The sleeves could stand to be an inch longer too. All this could be due to my build - my shoulders and chest are proportionately bigger than my frame, though not extremely so. I love the material and the design, and the issues I describe could be easily fixed by a tailor.

The people at History Preservation Society are very nice and helpful on the phone - highly recommended.
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In lieu of no clothing purchases this month I bought this the other day.

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Gray Lagerfeld Jeans for stupid cheap

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Thanks to keykoo, ghulk and jet for encouraging to just wait till i find a pair of below retail ndcs. Finally have a pair of black dress shoes the shoes i've bought in the past few months. i have a pair of costume national homme ones coming but i missed the ups truck today some other ish from the past few months some of my other purchases in 2008 i've already worn so i don't need pics really.
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where did you cop the ndcs and how much ?
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Snitch to me also, PM if you want.
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Same here, haha.
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damn I like those, I need a non brogued pair. snitch please.
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^chronoaug those three are fantastic...looking for something like all of those, minus the suede part of the top two
Originally Posted by timpoblete View Post
Smokestack, $80! Nice. Love the red tongue. IIRC Robin, Fall 2007? DDML: The thing about the RG guy ex-working for LL Bean I've heard too. More Rogues Gallery Shoe Pr0n from Nomad's (NOTE: These are not a recent purchase of mine, just posting pics):
These are sick
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martin margiela 10 spiderweb t-shirt
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You're all gonna hate me, but i got lucky and got the black ones cheap and new in box from a sufu seller. I don't fuck around when i see something on there i've been looking for.
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