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I'm out of the May no spendy fan club. Just bought a Stephan Schneider shirt. Eat that, bitches. Edit: I mean, "Victory or Valhalla" and all that D&D bullshit.
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I bought an RRL chambray western and an RRL short sleeve henley last night. I was gonna post the pics but then SF went down so I just went to sleep.
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That bedale is the best piece of clothing you will ever own, period. HAve it in sage...
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Originally Posted by Smokestack View Post

What are those Smokestack?
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Hightop boatshoes...are these like logger boots for the sea? Alaskan crab fishermen must wear these. I like them, though (as ruggedly as I just described them) they remind me too much of all those cutesy robin hood boots girls love wearing with their leggings and excessive layers of drapey neutral tones.
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Rogues Gallery camp boots, made of deerskin. I'm wearing them for the first time and the leather is great, really molding to my foot.
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The Rogues Gallery Camp boots are awesome. If you don't mind me asking, how much and how are the widths? Also, are those from one of the models made in collaboration with LL Bean?
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Thanks, I actually won them on ebay for $80 but they retail for $345 according to the listing. The width is 4.25". They were tight on me when I first put them on, but since they have stretched out nicely and are really comfortable.

I believe I saw a Shopjake price tag on the box, so that's probably where they originally came from. No idea about an LL Bean collaboration, but it does say these were "handmade in Washington County, Maine."
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IIRC, they're made by Quoddy and are a version of the grizzly boots. They also made their boat shoes from this season.
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Is not the dude from RG a former designer for LL Bean (for whom Quoddy used to make boots)? :banjo:
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Smokestack, $80! Nice. Love the red tongue. IIRC Robin, Fall 2007? DDML: The thing about the RG guy ex-working for LL Bean I've heard too. More Rogues Gallery Shoe Pr0n from Nomad's (NOTE: These are not a recent purchase of mine, just posting pics):
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No doubt that boat shoe is Quoddy. I don't know of another maker that makes them with three eyelets.
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Purchased today for 25 and 6 bucks, respectively, on sale: Calvin Klein Jeans Garment Dyed Ribbed Polo in "crushed berry" and CK Jeans Lightweight Slub Jersey T-Shirt in "duffle green." Sorry, I'm too lazy to bother with pics right now.
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Yeah, the grizzly boot make-ups were from Fall 07. The ones above are the high-top boat shoes - Ian should be getting theirs in eventually, and they already have some of the regular boat shoes in navy with a white apron. Here's the pic from RG's lookbook from this season:

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