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Awesome, no problem!
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my duchamp tie
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Some stuff last week.

That garment rack is the best thing ever. It is hard to find anything industrial strength in retail. I had to order it online form Ebay retailer and that thing ROCKS.
It could be used for Chinese Olympics (gymnastics competition).
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^ what model number are those persols?
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Jil Sander cardigan BoO shirt BoO pants...
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^This guy, you want me autograph too or what?

Which one you get?
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Ray-Ban "New Wayfarer" in tortoise.

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I figure i'd ask here since i might be the only person who answers the "ask a question" thread: Wanna buy a pair of black laceups to wear casually, semi dressy (for me that is). Wear em' with some slim black/grey jeans and a buttup up or something. The black NDCs would be perfect but $5hun retail is brutal. Those acne herrs (similar shape to the Rafs i like) but also around the same price. Anychance a peasant like me could find a solid looking pair for under $300? I looked on yoox but couldn't find anything in my size that i really liked. These were the closest i found but something off about em'. Price is right though. http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/MOMA/t...s/searchResult
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just picked up some AA v-necks. cranberry, black, brown, orange, grey, and navy
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Originally Posted by chronoaug View Post
Wanna buy a pair of black laceups to wear casually, semi dressy (for me that is). Wear em' with some slim black/grey jeans and a buttup up or something.

Would just wait till sale season. The NM at SF had a bunch of NDC's for around 230ish at their end of winter sale. I'm sure you can have your picking of black laceups.

Which one you get?

If that was aimed at me I got the blueish gray one that's 75% silk + assortment of cotton and cashmere. Was in need of another simple cardigan. Almost picked up the navy/black chunky one. Wish there was more selection of JS stuff in SF though.

At least you don't post pics of your JS pickups so you can't accuse me of biting!
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Chron listen to this ^ guy get some good shit on sale at 40 off rather than garbage for full pop.

Alright good key I was worried you got mine that is great news

Got these awhile back for summer, pic stolen

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The court shoes look really good with the ndg denim. I wish the fit was more flattering on me. i didn't like the fit when i tried it on at stel's. Do they still do the narrow fit in grey? I might sell my apcs and grab the narrows if they're around and fit nice. I'm just gonna bide my time till mid-late summer when there are a 1000 CPs for under $200 in the supermarket.

Yea, the NDC shoes like the ones at gravity pope(i think sold out but they don't update their site ever) or some of the other black ones i've seen would be pretty much perfect. I'd love a pair now, but i'll prolly just have to buy some cheapy used AEs, J&Ms, bostonian or something similar on ebay. Maybe fuck em' up a bit so they don't just look like cheap dress shoes.
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The court shoes are so gangsta in person, I hated them with a passion in pics. Those and raf hitops will be my go to casual kicks for summer yo.

NDG denim does not look good imho even though is decent in that pic.
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