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I'm slightly envious of your rick owen buys, but I've very disappointed in your choice of shoes. There wasn't anything better to get?
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Well the shoe boy has the hots for my BF so I figured spending so much on sneakers was like "marking my territory."

I don't have to wear them with the above, I just put them on for the pic. I actually like them with my Jil Sander jeans.
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Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC View Post
Well the shoe boy has the hots for my BF so I figured spending so much on sneakers was like "marking my territory."
Okay, I take it back.
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Socal those cb's are the most hideous things I've ever seen, my retinas are still recovering from when the page loaded. As for the ricks you should have got black ones without that retarded swoosh.
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Socal buying Louboutin for your significant other is always a plus. How do you think I have kept my girlfriend for so long hehee..... We are all marking our territory! =)
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socal's Rick Owens sneakers
Those don't look too bad on, but whenever shoreman sees those RO shoes he thinks of Jimmy's shoes.

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Attachment Cotton/Paper Band of Outsiders corduroy Jil Sander spray dyed s/s Jil Sander spray dyed l/s PS socks because Saks gave me a 50 dollar gift certificate... forgot to turn on the flash on my camera...
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I was given a Lacoste messenger bag in a tan color. It look very good, not sure about the quality.
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ro.gel shirt assorted preme shit
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hustlenflo, would you mind putting up pictures of the jack&jones pieces?
`round here jack&jones is a typical eurotrash brand but maybe you found some nice pieces( i don`t really have the nerves to visit there often)
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Sure, sure, as soon as I get back to the states-- that eurotrash bit surprises me, altough I did go the site today and found that I was more than slightly disappointed by the rest of the collection...
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Keykoo I have the s/s Jil shirt too. You'll love it.
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Picked up Fullcount 0105's while in NYC at BiG. Absolutely love these
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croak thanks chrono
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Took a flyer on an ebay Oliver Spencer jacket (thanks, styleforum ebay ticker!)

I dunno... too small?

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