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wow those jackets are all way too similiar lol...but i do really like the belstaff and nc tactic jackets...
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You should see the rest of my closet I seem to be obsessed with jackets that have cargo pockets on the front, always have been.
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Nice pickups Andrew....I really like that dogtooth coat

and yea, I was also gonna mention that you seem to have a theme going on. But that's cool cuz when I look in my closet I see the same item repeated over and over again, just by different makers. And sitting in the back corner of my closet is Whodini's sexual orientation
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My last buy was these shoes.. and the black scarf..
Got them yesterday..
Quite a good bargain actually, except for the scarf.. a bit too expensive, but i just had to have it..
here are the shoes:

and here the scarf:
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-7 For All Mankind Bootcut Jeans(sue me, I like them lol.)(Nordstroms does great tailoring by the way.)
-3 banana Republic fitted crew neck t's(great shirts.)
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Finally arrived
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
Finally arrived
...but that's not you.
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Is that from Luisa Via Roma?

I don't like ordering from them since they make you pay duties.
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Yes, it came fedex so we'll see how much duties are in a couple of weeks.
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coal beanie
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

are those the rafs from last season on
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Got this off my buddies at SS: Also picked up a MJK speckle hoodie with a surprise bonus.
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Not usually a fan of hoodies, but that is seriously cool.
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This NDG shirt but in navy with white stripes.
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