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^ Ervell coat looks really nice.
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^ yeah, beautiful coat. I wish I were taller so i could wear coats like that one.
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Originally Posted by junebugmm View Post
jon bones,

I'm sorry but your recent purchases (shoes) just plain suck.
Your socks are terrible and so are your pants.
I guess you've been having a blast on the prices that Gilt offers
but just because it's cheap doesn't mean you should buy ugly-ass stuff.

That's my daily worthless post of the day for you.

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just got this lova pants and blazer from gilt. It was relatively cheap and i had some credit. 100% wool and made in USA, but the quality doesnt really seem all that great.

I'm looking for opinions on the fit, i feel like the jacket might be too long on me. Either way i a going to keep the pants, they fit well.

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looks good, tight, but good
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pants look good jacket def too tight
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shorten the sleeves, hem the pants. does the jacket have a big flare or is it just the picture? it'll look good when you take it to the tailor.
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what they said. jacket fits ok in the shoulders (maybe a touch big?) but too much waist suppression. jacket length is fine.
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looks pretty decent to me. i like the look. but then again i like shit fitting slim. id get the sleeves shortened a little bit. you could hem the pants or leave as is and wear it with some raf or lanvins. a little bunching on the pants when worn with nice sneakers looks pretty fuckin runway
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too much waist suppression is the least of that jackets worries. return return
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Those are one of the better lanvins imho. I do not know exactly what I find appealing about the metallic blue but there it is.
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^ had a very hard time deciding between these --v and those --^

what do you think?
i kind of wanted to go for a more traditional lanvin style which is what the former ones are better at i think. but the beaded ones are so unique....
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jwied- You need to size up on both the jacket and pants. Neither looks comfortable.
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