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Originally Posted by chronoaug View Post
Rag & Bone jacket from spring. more of an off-white color i couldn't figure out with my camera (fits awesome though)

At first I didn't understand the appeal of Rag & Bone outerwear that seems to get so much love, but now I'm starting to like the simplicity. The color of this one is nice. Good choice, anyway.
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its the fit that makes the stuff appaeling, although the prices suck so much dick now its a fcking jk
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are people still buying rag and bone?
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Yea, the jacket is really well cut. All their materials seem pretty good, riri zippers, nice little detailing, but the cut is what i liked. Will get good use out of it in the spring. Hopefully, my apcs will be more faded by then so i can wear that. jet- Not at retail, silly
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heh heh
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copped some stephan schneider

good lord what is wrong with me
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
copped some stephan schneider

good lord what is wrong with me

I was just noticing that there is some quality SS stuff at opening ceremony, like this coat:

The fabrics look interesting. Many different interpretations of "grey" this year from SS. Not a criticism.

OC is not my favorite place to shop but still worth a look. A sale on SS would be nice about now.
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Throw up some pics jet, no need to bust out a camera, your regular stock shots will do. Help out those of us that never get to see this stuff in person.
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So far tej has copped 34 things I have or was planning to get since I made the mistake of telling him about these pieces or posting up pics. Quite tired of someone having the same stuff as me so I'm not sure if I'll be posting any pics, maybe a waywt with no brands listed I dunno
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Too balla for your own good! Ever'body wanna be like jet!
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When I grow up
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Who is tej??
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ghulk I believe^^
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Yea, OC used to be pretty crappy in terms of stock when i went there a year ago but seems to have gotten a lot better. Fuck, i tried to wear the r&b jacket today but was way too cold out so i had to change Hopefully, i don't end up selling it before spring. But who knows. If i get desperate i might Jet, what schneider? I've always been on ss's nuts but just couldn't get my hands on any and was only able to toy with it in person a few times
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Chrono that R+B jacket looks good It also doesn't look like alot of other R+B to me, so maybe thats why I like it Jet im suprised your still friends with ghulk
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