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Maison Martin Margiela white pants : Helmut Lang (vintage) grey slacks: Stephen Schneider Grey pants:
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Small collared FP polo.
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Originally Posted by BB1 View Post
W+H zip flannel....

Julius cargo pants...

Dig the flannel... and AH! I knew the Julius pants would rock. Where did you get em from? Also, what jacket are you wearing with em?
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Originally Posted by fuji View Post
BB1, what is the coat in the picture with the Julius cargo pants?

Diet Butcher Slim Skin down jacket from their FW09 collection

Originally Posted by Razele View Post

What's the zip flannel like?

Super soft, with a heavily worn out look. The fabric actually comes with piling all over it, which some people may not like. The shoulders error on the tighter side, but the overall body shape towards the bottom is semi boxy. Overall it feels like a slim shirt with some anti-fit characteristics. Colors are the best part: subtle green, purple, and gray pattern. I hate loud plaid patterns, so this is great.

Originally Posted by aeglus View Post
I think overall the pants work for you, so good job getting them despite people like me saying they look bad.

Thanks. I have found most Julius pieces look far less odd on me vs. the models used by many of the smaller shops in Japan.. Many of their models are so short and skinny that even size 1 looks too big on them, often resulting in a crazy sloppy look. I am about 2 inches taller and 20 lbs heavier than those Japanese models and wearing size 1 too.
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Nau Blazing: Still unsure about the color

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It's black or a dark navy (can't tell on my monitor). What is there to be unsure about unless you're really into the different tones of black going with certain things?
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Just got this shirt by Richard Chai, and its quite nice. It has really fine stripes of blueish gray in it, which I like, as I've been wearing a lot of blue and black together lately.

Here's a detail shot to show the bluiesh gray stripes:
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Originally Posted by constant struggle View Post
do not like the extreme chiseled toe

picked up this wwm coat from gilt

just got this in the mail today, i am quite impressed, this is my first WWM Piece
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^nice. always a good thing when you order something online and you receive it , it meets your expectations in quality or beats it.
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Pictures don't do these justice
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what are those, tehy look nice
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fiorentini + baker
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yup, the 745.
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Originally Posted by snake View Post
Pictures don't do these justice

I love my pair. Nice buy.
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