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Just won this today.
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button stance seems high

i think andyliu just nutted
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Doesn't look too flattering.
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its merona, $40 and I need it for one day. not going to invest the time/effort/money into getting something nice, getting it tailored and wearing it once
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And OCBD's are a poor choice with modernish jackets.
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I will gladly accept gifts of RLBL dress shirts.
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Wolverine 1000 miles.
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margiela bag
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Boots I ordered through Tom. F last, shell cordovan: Thanks to the various people who helped me decide on size and last. They're a smidgen big, so I may sell them...
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^nice, vass?

you def need double sole on boots or my pref double to single
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got some rlbl from gilt--2x hoodies, polo, halfzip still need to get the wool cashmere assert jacket from this season and the military shirts in gray and black. considering also getting rlbl jeans/wallet/bag/shoes... all in black, of course. teger you shouldve called the woodbury outlet when you had the chance, tons of rlbl shirts for 50 bucks in larger people sizes now they dont do phone orders, i forsee a significant drop in forum rlbl tailoredwear sales
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i have to get all my dress shirts MTM, 16.75 neck, 18 shoulders, 40 chest = either expensive tailoring jobs or MTM
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^ Dude just do MTM Seriously you may have less but perfect fit is awesome. Couldn't go back. PPllzz pretty sure those are Vass. They are also completely awesome.
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