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kelvin, excellent ervell cardi. I believe that I saw a photo of that a while back (that one or one very similar) and remember thinking at the time that it looked tempting.
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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post
Alan Bilzerian is a few leagues above Atelier. I'd say that he is at the same level as a Maxfield, in that he has been breaking new ground for decades, including introducing Yamamoto to North America (among other Japanese designers,) and he can't be pigeonholed into any category - which is very rare for any specialty store. He carries James Perse alongside Kiminori Morishita alongside (apparently - it was after my time) Engineered Garments. I'd say that his only weakness is in denim - he told me years ago that he wasn't really into denim, and although he has brought in some good brands, it's clear from talking to him that his knowledge and passion for denim is not at the same high level as it is for high fashion. I wish they had an online presence so the rest of the forum could experience that place. Really fantastic. Better than atelier (still have the augusta, ccp, cdiem, guidi and other boots/shoes) You could probably do a brisk business proxying sneakers from Cncpts in Cambridge and from Bodega, but it's tough if you don't know your kicks. You could probably also proxy stuff from J Press for Japanese people really into really real Ivy League stuff. BTW, you should make regular stops at the consignment shops on Newbury. There are usually slim pickings for men, but sometimes, you can find some real gems.
I definitely agree about Bilzerian. I love that place to pieces. I just worded it like that because it was easier to describe to most SFers. There still isn't much denim. They have more cords than denim. Save Khaki and drkshdw cords along with some masons cords and those moleskin pants that are amazing. I agree about denim and think that while he wouldn't need to go overboard he probably could work in a few brands or jeans that would benefit the store as well as fit in with the vibe he has going. Yea, i've seen Concepts a few times and i saw some kids lined up a month or two ago for something. I'll check out the consignment shops. I always see them but never actually go in because i assume it's womens only or maybe with one small rack of mens amidst a bunch of women shopping. Maybe if the gf is with me i'll go in there so i kinda have an excuse. Actually, have you been to The Tannery (the clothing one not the sneaker one) lately? Their buys are a lot better than i remember like 2 years ago. Some decent Rag & Bone pieces, Acne (including this nice toggle rain coat), steven alan, lots of CP, KZO, and a lot of other popular SF brands. And for some reason they always have a good amount of Yohji Y's and CDG Shirt. Might have to hit you up via PM on of these days about a few decent consignment shops and food joints.
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Originally Posted by chronoaug View Post
I probably could afford more clothes if i didn't enjoy food so much.
This rules. I'm putting it in my sig for prosperity.
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Boring office wear. Nice suit at a good price though. I've never owned one that was 1/4 lined before.
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Chrono what kind of food you eating brah?
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ervell cardi is great, like most ervell cardis. also like most ervell cardis it makes me curse my extra long arms. cannot kop.
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thanks guys, i love the cardi. it's now the most expensive piece i own and i don't regret it one bit
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ervell cardi is nice but honestly do you need that many fucking shawl collar pieces? lol
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^ bought the OL before i came in contact with the ervell, im not sure if i still want it. which only leaves me at 2-3 pieces
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it bothers me that almost every cardigan/pullover I see now is shawl.. I have like 4 shawl collar pieces, really don't need more. where are my awesome modified vnecks bitches???
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I have 3 I think... 2 tiger fleece, one Apolis wool m65. I like the shawl collar.
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I finaly managed to find down what was basically my grail fleece piece: 06 grey sahwl collar from W+H in M.. with the extra thick fleece lining. SO INSANE
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Love shawls I have like 4 pieces then again I have 10 regular cardigans altogether.
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post
I finaly managed to find down what was basically my grail fleece piece: 06 grey sahwl collar from W+H in M.. with the extra thick fleece lining. SO INSANE
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I will grab one.. I wore it camping this weekend and it was warm as fuck
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