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can't tell anything substantive from that pic. length seems least of the concerns of the shirt.
Originally Posted by Robert View Post
Looks a little long.
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I agree. That was my point.

For starters, it would be interesting to learn why one might consider this colorway superior to the J. Crew.
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My wife just bought me some Red Wing 8138 for my birthday. Crepe soles, hope they wear well.
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lol. it's definitely not long. maybe i'll take better pics. nobody said the color was better. the materials and fit were better, for me though.
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EG plaid double ring belt
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Hublot Big Bang Classic Fusion All Black

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RFX keepin the economy going atta boy my bruva.
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Very nice RFX!
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Damn RFX, ballin eh... My college student ass bought anappointment at the clinic earlier this week to make sure I just had bad case of regular flu and hadn't caught any other virus (feelin better now thankfully), got NFS shift for PS3, and to bring my post back on topic a pair of Bevel frames w/ lenses + anti-reflect from a dope shop in Bmore... They were a pretty penny for me but should be worth it, can't wait to pick em up next week
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1. wing horns thermal in black 2. krane bomber jacket 3. spurr jeans 4. junya watanabe man hunting vest (last one from tres bien!)
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Nice mikey. I have the Krane Bomber from fw08, its so dope. I'd like some Spurr denim too.
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post
Hublot Big Bang Classic Fusion All Black

When did you become rich?
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Rag & Bone shirt
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hey razele- thanks man I'm excited about the krane bomber jacket, can't wait to get it. rfx- congrats on the hublot, I know you have been interested in getting one for a long time (atleast that's what I remember from the post your watch thread on niketalk)
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rfx is a balllaaaaaaaaa
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