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Once the maillady sent my coat i ordered to the apt complex next to mine at the same number. I was livid and called the post office 2 days in a row and talked to all the people. 2 weeks later the post lady came to my door and said she tracked the people down she accidentally delivered it to and got them to give it back. Pain in the ass though
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Damn, that sucks Raz! I thought the point of Signed mail was that it got to you! Well, if I ever see a fucker walking around Bris in one of those sweaters, I'll jump him, abduct him and tie him to a tree, so you to come smack him around.
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Yeah it wasn't left at my place, AusPost signed that they tried to deliever, then took it to the post office to leave it for me, so it's being investigated. Delievery guy probably was like mmmmm delicious knits STEAL or maybe it got misplaced and sent to the wrong facility. Oh well live and let live. Being investigated and I will get my money back and I will have to re-order. Lachy were you live Wynnum is a dump and I need out
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I live in Ascot. Ritzy place. Folks house. I couldn't afford a cardboard box on the side of the road here. Not that they allow that sort of thing.

You gotta get out of Wynnum though. Only reason I ever go there is to skate, and even then not often.

And it's October now, bitch, when we getting our drink on?
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Wow Ascot is NICE. Yeah I moved here as a favour to an old friend who is a megadouche, pretty much the Anchor stoner alco type so I'm getting my upnup on and probably get a place close to work and uni so I can start my bach econ next year. Yeah we gotta meet up soon prolly like next week we should mandate, have a casestudy due fri so maybe sat morning or something Am still fat tho :-( RO was right, body is new bespoke We can talk about dope knits and complain about uncontrol IRL
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we desperately want to visit australia, but 3 kids on a 24 hour flight...
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Raz, I won't judge you for being fat. I've been there, and kinda backslid at the start of the year by like 5kg. Back in that gym now though, weight slowly coming down, while muscle going on, so I am thinking I'm loosing more fat than the scales would have me believe.

Can't drink in the mornings! Well could ... but then I'd be no better then your Wynnum mates, who sounds like a lot of my old skating friends.

Kunk, 3 kids on that flight would be a bit of a nightmare. If you could swing the costs, you'd be best breaking the trip by going to a middle destination on the way down. It's 16 - 18 hours I believe to Brisbane, but that might as well be 24 hours with children. They'll love it once they get here though.
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The trick is to give them some wine or a light tranquilizer....
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I'd hate to be in the seat next to Kunk for a flight that long. Those seats are like 5 inches narrower than his shoulders.
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some MAll BRAND SHIT$detailmain$$detailmain$$detailmain$ and some alt app eco heather tees
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Wings+Horns flannel in charcoal =) Still looking for a jacket for this season
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You're going to make jet cry.
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Was too lazy to walk down to the endless row of designer boutiques and high end retailers in the area.
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