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Originally Posted by Big Punisher View Post
Needed some more bright annoying sweaters in my life.


That thing is the tits.
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Originally Posted by atuhsad View Post

Nice pickup. I wanted these but they weren't at the SF barney's warehouse sale. What sizes were available? I'm looking for a 41...
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- KMW, Rocker, natural indigo, Zimbabwean cotton, raw denim, selvedge.
I like that they look rather understated and still have many interesting details: doughnut buttons, hidden rivets, half lined back pockets, hidden logo stitch... could do without the selvedge on the coin pocket though.

More images in the post-pics-of-your-denim thread.

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Finally came in the mail today...I've had a few people ask for details so here are my first impressions. 1. The fabric is buttery soft. It's a mix of 75% wool and 25% polyamide. 2. The fit is not as slim as triesbien makes it seem. There is literally almost no waist supression. 3. Natural shoulders. Almost no padding. 4. Fits true to size. 5. It fits me better than the model. I'll throw up some fit pics soon.
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Can't wait for them to arrive...
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What a nice page.
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Just bought a new Black Scissors jacket. I'm hoping it won't be too small.
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$20 from Jcrew. Will sport on vacation in Dubai and over the fall and winter to piss people off.

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Picked these up today:
Converse Jack Purcell

Ostrich Leather Converse Jack Purcell (got 2 pair going up for sale in B/S/T)
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American Apparel white oxford on my lunch break - spilled coffee on my shirt this AM
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Crappy pics but I'm pretty psyched about this even though it's very modest compared to everything on here. Pictures don't do it justice. It's such a solid well built piece. I don't know how they sell it for what they do. I'm looking for a cool NATO band to put on it.

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/\\ Cool watch. Love it when they have exhibition backs.
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Thanks. Think I'm going to order this though and see how it looks.
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