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Originally Posted by Transcendental View Post
the infamous chambray!!!

i'm gonna post a fit pic tonight. if anyone is interested in this shirt PM me and I will give you my contacts number

edit: was told last week she had 2 M's and 1 XL left
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i found some great jeans for a tender price.... nudies faded black.....70shipped and Levis 501 for 10 at Marshalls....
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^NICE, chessman! Those are hard to find. A friend just knit me the most wonderful merino hat...
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
wife hates them.
They look like band-aid shoes.
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I like them Will. Also, I kinda like those Clae trainers someone posted. Need something like that in my wardrobe.
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fuck you and my wife. now i am pissed i didn;t pay another 65 for the frankenstein jil shoes.
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They're awesome, also post that yellow floral shirt.
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yeah, will post both our wedding outfits when the time comes.
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frankenstein jil shoes sounds like an essential purchase.
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stuff over the past couple months:

NPS/Solovair oxblood brogue boots

Shirts from Jump the Gun

sky blue staprest trousers

Fred Perry ocean blue Italian knit sweater polo (no pic)

Fred Perry navy cableknit cricket jumper with white trim (no pic)

Stuff this week:

Fred Perry oxblood high button waffleknit cardigan

Paul Smith double breast "bomber" jacket
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I bought my first piece by margiela. The front is normal leather, but it slowly transitions into what feels like suede
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Charvet White French Cuff dress shirt
J. Crew Madras pants (they are awesome)
Red and blue nylon belt to go with the pants.
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Nice jacket, GS. My latest purchase has been some alt apparel eco heather v necks, props to Tagut for putting me on to these.
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Originally Posted by Barrylicious View Post
Where'd you grab it at? I'm a sucker for Black Watch and that jacket is beautiful.

I picked up some EG jeans the other day. Really like the red detailing around the hem.

I got it from Bird in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They told me that it was their last one, but you could always try calling them - they've got another location which might have more. It kicks ass. I wore it today with a madras shirt and rode my scooter around the city. It was war of the plaids at 35mph.
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Damn, GS, where'd you pick up that Fred Perry oxblood high button waffleknit cardigan?
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