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I wish I could get the 872 denim in a cut slim enough for me, it looks beautiful.
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Ya, for me they're great... beautiful, beautiful denim. Really different from the others.

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Was at the mall today with my sisters. THanks to being stuck there for 4 hours I bought

"no show" socks and navy work socks from Banana republic
Slim overcoat in Tan from Benneton
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Prada Sweater
Levi's jeans

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i bought 1980's kmw, apc's rescue and rb11's
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Pair of slim fit chinos from Rakuten, light weight M65 and slim fit short sleved shirt from Relax Club, Vintage German Leather document bag, Agnes B short sleved slim fit shirt
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Elie Tahari goatskin suede M65, black cotton sb 1 button casual blazer, light blue cashmere crewneck sweater, and a number of ties from RLPL and a sb 2 button navy suit. Willl post pics later.
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a couple more UK Ben Sperman buttondowns

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Classic Charvet tie from Paris in a purple, silver, black check pattern.
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I just got some Sugar Cane Okinawas last week and they are one sweet pair of denim. Slubby but not too slubby. I got the one wash and the fit is good and the denim is very soft and comfortable. Truly one of my all time favorite pair of jeans I've ever purchased.
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+1 on the okis
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Originally Posted by Coulomb View Post

How much for the RM?
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Sending these bullshit ass apc deck shoes back hahaa.

Getting the ndc's instead.
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Originally Posted by kronik View Post
How much for the RM?

i paid 590. those are the rdc02's and i got them from 2nd on rakuten
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5ep straightdown rigid, Common Projects achilles white low, ndc roger boot,Dior 21 cm(Italy)Filippa K. M Ryun--I'm on a rampage, and I'm gonna go broke fooling around on this forum(lol!!!)
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