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Patience paid off. I just got this at 50% off Happy Birthday to me!
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happy birthday to you!
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Thanks! Well, it's in 2 days
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Think I got a pretty good deal today. One pair of Black Frye Brando Lace and one pair of Brando Lace in Cognac- for 170 Canadian Dollars (buy one get one). I had to get one pair in 10 which are a bit big and one in 9.5 that are slightly snug. We will see which size turns out to be the best.

For any Canadians, or Edmontonians for that matter, Town Shoes had quite a few pairs in different sizes (South Edmonton Common). I know they had black in 10 and 9, and more Cognacs- many in 8 and 10 IIRC. Then they had quite a few harness boots and quite a few of what look to be Brando Engineers. All were around 170 and 2 for 1.
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Bought another belt, a variegated brown Margiela - the FW08, thick (1.5") version of this:
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You might want to see someone about that.
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1 x Black 2xist Bold briefs
1 x Royal Blue 2xist Varsity trunks
1 x Everlast baseball cap
3 x Bonds white sport socks
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Last week: F/W Rick S/S Margiela
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goddamn. jacket makes up for how shitty those sneakers are
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Sneakers are awesome. I've probably gotten more positive comments for those sneakers in the last week than I have for any pair of shoes
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nope those sneakers are an abortion and I feel ashamed for both of us. whered you get the jacket?
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I got some real heat for all you fools coming up.

I can't be postin them up yet or ghulkhan will jock the cops.
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Okay you've convinced me. I'll Goodwill them tomorrow. Barneys. But how will you upload the pics if SW hasn't uploaded them yet Jet?
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if you give me the jacket I will burn the sneakers for you think it over
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SW uploads pics directly to my photobucket account.
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