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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post
Rag & Bone Hackney Jacket
Originally Posted by greddy View Post
That's nice! What size is the jacket? How much was it and where did you buy it?
Originally Posted by jet View Post
Was it really necessary to quote all the pics directly above you?
Probably not, hey?
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^I got some monster margiela kops coming up.
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^^ but we'll never see them
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post
Rag & Bone Hackney Jacket

It doesn't fit as well as I had hoped, not just the sleeves length.
What do you guys think? Is it for keepers?

lol "keepers" lols
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jacket looks good. just shorten the sleeves and you are good.
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I thought rfx was teger for a moment
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Thanks for all the comments. I guess I'll just get the sleeves shortned, although it will be troublesome if I had to get it altered through the shoulders. The end of the sleeves does have a one functional button but it might be easier to just move it up a bit and cut from there.
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^ I saw that RnB jacket on sale at Odin recently. Not sure if it still is.
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post
same background of thinking, but for me, there is less than a fine line regarding man bags, size, and 'manliness' and I do believe it's a go big or go home thing... not that the look of lugging things up a mountain is good, but you don't want what we called in the middle school the 'tampon bag'....

If it's not big enough to fit in your pockets or some sort of specialized carrier (i.e. laptop), then I think it's worthy of a good-sized bag...

I used to think that way, and so I have a messenger bag that I used for a short while, but it just got too annoying to search for stuff like a digital camera in a larger bag that didn't have a lot of compartments. (My wife has the same problem with her larger purses) I'm also short, so carrying around a bag that is too big is not a good look.
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Dis speaks the truth, I only carry big duffel bags still looking for a solid weekender though.
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Just bought these on impulse; only $60 after shipping and taxes. Hopefully the quality isn't complete shit:
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I recently bought some jeans from Topman and a book called Shutter Island
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Grey T-000 (it's a pretty interesting color) Various Graphic T-Shirts Couple of plain T-shirts Navy knit tie All Uniqlo.
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PRPS Army Hunter jacket I ordered from GILT...

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45rpm Bandana (Cotton Jersey)

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