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Hello gentleman. I have learned a lot from lurking at SF for a few years, but have never taken the opportunity to post.

I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on a casual loafer/driving moccasin. I am having trouble finding a shoe I like. The best I have been able to find so far are the Millbrook leather penny driving moc from J Crew. However, I have other J Crew shoes, and I am not thrilled about their quality, especially when they are $118.

I may purchase these but am looking for other suggestions. I am willing to pay about $150 for loafers.

Thanks for your help.
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If you want a stylish driving moc that will last, go for Tod's. They're on eBay often, and I saw a pair sell for $38 recently (gently used, mind you). I'm also told the Tod's outlet in Woodbury sells them for $75 or so. Can anyone confirm?
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Originally Posted by Connemara
).I'm also told the Tod's outlet in Woodbury sells them for $75 or so. Can anyone confirm?

THat's about the best price I've gotten at Woodbury but you should be prepared to pay betwen $99 and $125 for mocs usually priced at $350-$395.
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There should be a 30% off JCrew shoes coupon around. They sent one to me recently...

Take a look on the net.
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Check out these @

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I recently purchased the Millbrook leather driving moccasin, as I needed a pair to hold me over until my trip to Europe at the end of this month, where I plan on purchasing some Tods in Milan, Italy. The JCrew's looked decent enough, especially since I plan on wearing them almost everyday in Europe, and I didn't want to spend too much right away. I have one other pair that I bought in the fall of 2004, by Too Boot New York. That pair is definetely superior in quality,feel, and comfort, to my recently purchased driving mocs from JCrew. My new pair by JCrew feels somewhat stiff and narrow, and the leather doesn't come close in suppleness, to the leather of my Too Boot New York driving mocs. However, I wanted to get a cheap pair to hold me over, and thus, the JCrew's seemed to fill the void. If you can, try to spend a bit more and get the Too Boot New York model, called the Corsica, which is available right now at Saks and at Nordstrom.
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I tried the new JCrew loafers in the store when they were running a sale ($100 per pair), and I was not impressed. The leather was pretty bad, the cushioning was almost non-existent, and I didn't like the shape. It was a very easy decision. I recommend these from Charles Tyrwhitt:

They are a discontinued Loake style. I ordered a pair two years ago from Pediwear. Leather is not spectacular, but they held up pretty well to a [b]lot/B] of abuse. Good value for the money, close to the sweet spot for loafers, though if I could, I'd go the Tod's route. Not having a car makes the Woodbury a little difficult.

For the 50% off:
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new here, but saw this thread and had to register. I am from southern U.s. (new orleans) and a huge fan of loafers and deck shoes. This being said, i have a sizeable loafer collection and out of the $60-$140 price range I most like the leather Peter Hubers which resemble JCrew millbrooks, though much more comfortable. I also have went through nordstrom's or saks (don't remember which) for two pairs of suede loafers from Tommy Bahama that I really love and the Heff by Born. Jst my two cents, hope it helps.
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Thanks for all the replies. Are there any places to get Tod's online at a discounted price besides e-bay? E-bay currently doesn't have much in my size, and I live too far from the outlet.

Also, where is the best place to find the Peter Hubers online. I looked but didn't find any loafers similar to the Millbrooks.

I'm tempted by the CTs. Is the sizing on them accurate or do they run large?

Thanks again.
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There is no way I can understand how a soft shoe with articulating pads with spaces between them can be called a "driving" shoe.

Of course, most don't wear "morning" coats in the morning either.

All I can see is catching the brake or accelerator on the edge of a pad rather than the center. So if it is for "driving" down the boulevard at 22 mph, I can live with the name.

If someone really wants a "driving" shoe that is inexpensive pick up a set of wrestling shoes. Thin sole but flat not articulating. Great pedal feel. If you compete of course you will need a shoe made of nomex, but they are very closely kin to the wrestling shoe, which is much less expensive.

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I feel the driving shoe is most suited for driving roadster type autos with a manual transmission.
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you could try the harry's of london loafer that's on the sale site.
i believe it's only $69 (and there are tons of other great deals there (though they cater more toward the fashion-forward crowd)
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