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Stark Eyeglasses (pics)

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These are interesting:

Any other glasses you really like with pics?
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Alain Mikli

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cool but a bit overpriced
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A point to note is that the Starck glasses has a special joint, much like a ball and socket joint in one's hip. It flexes very easily and makes the glasses uniquely comfortable. Of course, the styling is understated and goes well with almost any face shape.

However, the joint is quite prone to breakage. I have broken at least 2 pairs of them in the last 3 years of normal wear.

And oStelios is right, they are somewhat overpriced for what they are but I am yet to find a good alternative to them.
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Best frames on the market are Silhouette's for me. I have one of them: lightest frames in the world (NASA uses them for their astronauts), practically impossible to break as they have no joints and are made of a special titanium-alloy, rimless so you can have any shape of glasses you want, you can have them in a ton of colors (I have a very dark brown with a pearl stripe in the middle) and they are available in sizes so you get a perfect fit. They're all made in Austria. Silhouette also developed a special plastic called SPX, which you can bend in and direction as well and is available in practically any colors. They have some other models, but the one I'm wearing is the classic version. Plus what I'd recommend with any new glasses is a special coating that is modelled after the leaf of a Lotus. You might know these nano particles from your sink, where no dirt sticks anymore. Almost the same thing with these glasses (I have Rodenstock Perfalit), if it rains, you can see well almost immediately again as it just runs down, if you get dirt on them you can swipe it off with one stoke and without any smear on your glasses. Great stuff.
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