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Gloverall Duffle coat questions

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I'm interested in purchasing a Gloverall Duffle. My brother is in the US and STP has a sale right now, so he can bring it over here to Sweden for me. Problem is I have to know what size I should order, and returning it will be a problem. My suit size is really a 37 when I have tailor made suits, but i wear a size 38 Tiger suit, and size 36 in other brands. So my question is, should a skinny guy (by american standards) who likes a fairly snug fit go for a size 36 or 38 Gloverall. I have a 25.5" outside arm and about a 19.25 shoulder. Also, do we know which colors are lined and which are unlined? Cheers and thanks!
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I would do the 38. Better a touch roomy. But that's only my opinion. Let the women wear the tight things. Better yet, have your brother take your information to the store and let the staff assist. Is your brother roughly your size per chance? If so, have him try on a few for sizing, or have one of the sales staff who wears the same jacket size to help. P.S. Don't trust a thing I typed. I'm just tossing some ideas around. The reason I say this, is that duffle coats are loose looking by design, so a tight one just won't look right somehow in my estimation.
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All Cloverall Duffel Coats are unlined.

If you see a check on the inside, that is the back of the same layer of fabric (double-face). If I remember correctly, the ones with the horn toggles have a checked inside, the ones with the wooden toggles have a plain inside. (Their site is due to be re-launched.)
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Thanks for the information, I think that I'll wait and try one on before I buy.
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It seems to me that I tried one of these from STP a year or so ago and they ran large. STP claims that they will give you fit info online or voice before you buy.
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I've looked into buying them and I would size down. I did the same with my peacoat (wear a 38R suit bought a 36) and layering isn't a problem.
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The problem is that STP is an American company with an American ideal of style. Which when it comes to fit is quite different to here in Sweden. Sizing advice is good but according to sizing charts in the US I'm an American medium, which is a European large , and I wear a European medium (read, American small).
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As I understand it, Gloverall is an English company. Surely it would be easier to buy direct than have a jacket shipped over the atlantic again?

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