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Jacket shortening questions

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I picked up a used Oxxford suit on ebay and it has two jacket issues -

1. a small moth hole near the hem on one side.

2. it is a Tall, with a 32" hem - I typically need a 31" to get the best rear coverage vs. leg lengthening.

I would like to avoid reweaving expenses and kill both birds with one stone by simply shortening the coat. The problem?

A. I have no idea what shortening a jacket costs - I was going to bring in some old Oxxfords to the Oxxford store on 57th street in NYC but I read a post on SF where the poster was unhappy with his alterations experience there. Could it be that shortening is more expensive than reweaving? I reckon I can get the hole fixed for about $50 tops at Alice Zotta's, and could live with the 32" jacket if I had to. (It's a casual duke of windsor plaid)

B. The hole is about 1.5-2" from the hem; I think it would need at least 2- 2.25" shortening to hide it safely. Is there a formula to determine how much is too much shortening?

I know shortening a jacket is usually a no-no because of pockets, balance etc, but I've never done it before and had to ask.....I may simply be better off re-selling this one on ebay.....
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Shortening a coat should cost over $100 in NYC but that's an estimate. Anyway 2" is definitely too much.
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I've had jackets shortened for around $60 in nyc, but 2" is definitely more than you can shorten a jacket w/o completing throwing off the balance of the jacket.
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ok, thanks guys.

I'll probably resell it.
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