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Returning a tailored suit.

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Hello all. I bought a Hugo Boss suit a couple months ago (I know, this was pre-forum knowledge). It was tailored for me in house. I went back to try it on, and still wasn't happy. The salesman said all would be fixed by further tailoring it. They did so, then sent it to me. I tried it on, and i'm still not pleased. I decided to see if I could get it tailored myself, but now I really just don't want it. Sadley I was weak, and let the salesman convince me that I could wear a 38, when really there's no chance. All that said, do I have a chance at all to return this suit to Hugo Boss, or am I out of luck. I have not worn it yet. Thank you all. Best regards.
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Give it a shot. What's the worst they can say: No? No point sitting with a suit in your closet you aren't going to wear.
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Talk to the Manager. You probably won't get your money back but HB may allow for an exchange, for a properly fitted suit. That is, if it hasn't been worn.
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Absolutely take it to the manager or were sold something that did not fit, tell them you were convinced by the salesperson that this could be taken care of.

Never listen to someone other than yourself about fit, you have to wear it.
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