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Absolute cheapest source of Allen Edmonds

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Im looking for NIB AEs (park avenues or byrons,) and wondering the best place to get them at a deep discount. Ive seen claims on this board of picking up new AEs for 100-150. Can anyone point me in the direction of these deals?
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Nordstrom Rack or ebay.
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Also, AE outlet.
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just steal 'em.

KIDDING, JUST KIDDING. don't break teh laws.
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ebay. but not if you want a particular style, right now.

ebay is great, as long as you're willing to wait, and flexible as to your preferences.
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I've seen a couple models at DSW Shoe Warehouse recently for decent prices.
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Selected Marshalls stores will have them. Look for the stores with the shoes still in boxes.
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If you have one nearby, you may be able to find plenty of good deals! The Park Avenues are in short supply at discount.
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Recently there was an eBay listing for a brand new, in-the-box pair of Allen Edmonds Park Avenues. The price was 1/2 the retail. My bid on these was successful and they arrived yesterday. I thought something would surely surprise me--negatively--but they really are new shoes with no flaws. They even came with the usual cloth bags, shoe horn, and laces.

I knew the exact length and width I needed so size was not an issue. I am a bit concerned when I hear about people ordering shoes without having the chance of trying them on first. The beauty of the AE line is the wide range of available sizes. The width and length variables can make just about any of their shoes fit properly. Without being able to try on the variations I question whether people get an excellent fit.

The AE outlet store in Cabazon might be an option. I think most of the shoes go for around $222. Shipping is included. These are seconds but the flaws are negligible. I talked to the very helpful man at Cabazon and he said any truly flawed AE shoe would be ground down into chips, rather than being sold as a 2nd. He said a shoe may be considered a 2nd if something as small as the print on the shoe interior is not quite right.
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Actually, the pricing at the A-E outlet stores goes something like this, using as a starting point the $295 MSRP for calfskin firsts.

$295: Current production firsts. (The outlet stores are carrying more of them now, partly from customer demand, partly because A-E is generating fewer seconds as a result of improved production methods, I have been told)

$222: Closeout (discontinued) firsts

$222: Current-production seconds

$169: Closeout seconds

The longer a shoe has been discontinued, the more the price drops. It is not uncommon to pick up closeout seconds at the outlets for $129, sometimes even less.

Also, the outlets have occasional sales and specials where you can get current-production seconds for much less than the usual price. There are also the semi-annual sales, when current production seconds are reduced by 15%. Being well stocked with A-Es by now, I personally would certainly wait for the next semi-annual sale to buy anything in A-E's current lineup. The sale reductions do not apply to closeout items, however.
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So far the cheapest I can manage to find are seconds for $279. Where are you guys getting these cheap ones for <200 and sometimes <100?
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We are closing 'em out @ $262.50.......still (someone else asked this last week).
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Originally Posted by RIDER View Post

We are closing 'em out @ $262.50.......still (someone else asked this last week).

Thanks for your reply. Still too rich for my blood.
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Wait for sales. I got mine for 130 from shoes.com during one of their various sales.
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Here is that other thread from a week or so ago:
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