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Size 8
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I hope the size 11-12 doesnt have a bigger shaft
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i had really wanted a pair of engineer boots and they looked to fit better than other boots of a similar profile.

If the straps don't really keep them tight than I guess i am back to the drawing board.

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That's the issue with pull ons, engineer boots, etc. If the top of your foot isn't full, it's usually hard to get a grip on them.
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I love it when a good thread comes back from the dead.

Wait, what do you mean if the top of the foot isn't full it's hard to get a grip on them?

My Chippewa Engineer's have a really loose topblock, but fit perfectly snug from the ankle down. If the actual foot of a boot fits a little loose, a decent insole will often snug it up enough to fit good.

I think I remember reading somewhere that J had the straps on his engineers or harness boots tightened up at a tailor/leather worker....
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I picked these up for just over $800.00. They are from the mid-1950's and are the ultimate safety.

Original 1950's Montomery Ward catalogue
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they retailed for $11 ?
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Originally Posted by phoenixrecon View Post
they retailed for $11 ?

Quite the price mark up..
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I'm trying my damndest to keep this thread alive I just love them there Engineer Boots!

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Keeping the thread alive...

I just picked these up... Lot's of pics on my blog...

Vintage late 50's or early 60's Engineer boots in almost unworn condition.

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I bought a pair of Chippewa's a year or so ago because they look great (and already have started to develop a wonderful patina) , and they make me sound like a bad ass when I walk around (REALLY loud thud when I step). God awful in slick condition's but I love them, I wear them with jeans in the autumn.

I've ridden bike's since I was a kid, but I'd never wear them when riding, not enough flex at the ankle when using the tran's and brake (I mainly ride sport bike's).
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