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Skin Care

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Hi there,

I am looking for some advice on how best I should tackle my Acne.

For the last year I have spend 100s of pounds on creams to fight it and really found no reward. My Acne is still pretty mild, not really bad though.

I am 20 and currently using a dermologica face wash and revitol acne tablets along with a acne cream, my diet is good and drink plenty of water.

What is the best thing to do to get rid of this as I feel I am running out of options? There are plenty of creams etc online but most of them will harm your skin more than resolve your problems.

Any guidance will be appreciated please.

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what's your diet like?
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Ask your dermatologist about Accutane. It has some nasty side effects, but it damn sure works.
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Accutane is a good,but I was told it would take care of the acne forever,however mine came back in about 8 months.It is also not the most pleasant medication to be on as it dries the hell out of your lips.If you do go that route though the results are great,and I found that aquaphor works well to keep the lips in good shape.
I also have had tons of creams from my doctor,and never really knew what worked so I recently got rid of them and just started using clean and clear face wash with 10% benzolperoxide and then putting 10% benzolperoxide on the visible zits.dries up your face,but just throw some lotion on in the AM and you will be fine.Hope this helps.
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For acne i would highly recommend DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask. Sulfur is the next step up from benzolperoxide, yet this mask is good to use on your whole face or overnight spot treatment. Just make sure to use moisturizer because it can be a little drying. You can even purchase online from sephora or
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Hi! Apart from regular facial cleansing and applying cream treatments. Here are some ways to help prevent acne build up:


  • Drink plenty of water and eat more vegetables and fruits
  • Reduce daily intake of dairy
  • Use natural, organic, non-toxic face soap
  • Reduce or stop using makeup. If you must use makeup, try a makeup that conatains natural ingredients
  • Keep your hair out of your face
  • Wash your hair regularly
  • Wash your sheets and pillowcases more often
  • Avoid too much sun exposure and use moisturizer that has sunscreen capabilities (SPF)
  • Don't use creams that has SPF at night before bedtime. Doing so may clog your pores that can help sebum and acne build up.


I used to have problems in dealing with acne, but following the steps above gradually improves my skin condition until all acne disappeared and never come back. I recommend a site that helped me find the right treatments for acne . Hope this helps. smile.gif

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you can try to avoid dairy products, because if you have acne-prone skin and you drink a lot of milk or eat yougrt, cheese etc. it will only harm it more. dairy products have TONS of hormones in it, so that could be a factor. and just take a calcium pill (VIACTIV: the best kind, taste like a chewy carmel candy) everyday so you get the calcium in your body instead of drinking milk. also you can try going to a spa or a skin care place near you and see if they do facials. they really help, but they're expensive. once they clear your skin and stop all the other under the skin pimples they can do deep chemical peels if you have acne scarring or pimples that won't go away. (that's how stars get their fast clear skin) also make sure you change your pillowcase every night or at least wash it daily so all the chemicals on your face from the previous night won't be put back on your face when you're sleeping. hope i helped

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what's your diet like?
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Id be sure to not use any greasy moisturizers or drying facial washes.
Make sure you wash your pillow covers often too if you don't shower before you go to bed.
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Cleaning with moisturizing soaps in okay as long as you do not take the high-fat stuff which closes your pores. In case you have many scars, there is blemish balm which is a combination of moisturizer and cover stick. Really good for emergencies wink.gif It is well nutrient and decent as well. 

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How is Cetaphil Daily Skin Cleanser? I've heard nothing but good about it but since I've used it I feel like I've been getting a bunch of iny bumps on my skin.

And what's a good moisturizer for sensitive combination skin? I've been using Cetaphil daily moisturizer spf 15 but I feel like it's been making my skin too shiny. People have noticed and it's getting weird lol
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Cetaphil is fine, highly recommended by most dermatologists. You may want to alternate between that and a deep pore exfoliating cleanser -- I always recommend kiehl's.

Sigma skin has an anti-acne gel that serves as a moisturizer, too. It worked well with me although the cost is higher than most OTC products (50 bucks, maybe higher). If not that, make sure you use an oil free moisturizer, and don't use too much. You only need half to a full teaspoon for proper use.

Also, if any of your current products contain any kind of alcohol, I recommend either not using it or using an oil-free moisturizer immediately after application.

Lastly, masques work very well. Kiehl's has a deep pore clay masque that feels great. Stings a little a first, but once you take it off you feel a cooling sensation, and have smaller pores and smoother skin. Anthony for men makes a great red clay masque as well. They're great for full face application, or for spot treatment at night.
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Also, remember that using too many products can damage skin. That means not using an exfoliating and normal cleanser one after another. Not too many creams. Not too many toners. You want to find the products that work for you, not just pile of treatments, dry out your face and have more belmishes than when you began your regimen.
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If it gets bad I would definitely agree with people and say Accutane. My acne wasn't horrible in highschool, but it was persistent, so I went on accutane for about a year and everything cleared. Had dry skin and lips, but that's hardly a price to pay for clear skin. Also had to take blood samples every few weeks, but that wasn't a big deal.


After about a year and a half, my acne returned, but far less than it was before. You can try antibiotics like minocycline and tetracycline, which work well after Accutane I found and you can get a prescription for pretty cheap. 


If you want to stay OTC, what I currently do seemed to be working really well. I use Cetaphil daily face cleanser morning and night. Morning I apply Neutrogena 2.5% benzoyl peroxide over my whole face then use Cetaphil daily moisturizer once that dries. I do the same thing before bed but with double application of benzoyl peroxide. It's really easy and is working really well. I'd give it a shot and let it have some time to work since acne can take 2 weeks to form. 

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