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Help with shoes

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buying a second pair of black captoes, want them to be something nice. where can you find english shoes in the USA or online, like edward green, or cleverley? so far, have more or less decided to buy Crockett hand-grade whitehall black captoes, balmoral style. opinions? thanks.
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Try Church's ; excellent handmade english shoes.
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Church's Shoes website: www.churchsshoes.com   Includes retail locations
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Edward Green shoes can be found here in New York at Dormeuil, Saks 5th Avenue and Paul Stuart. I'm not sure about G.J. Cleverley. I believe I've seen those at Saks, but am not entirely sure about that. New York also has a John Lobb store. I've seen Crockett at Barneys and assume that they're pretty good shoes since they're sold there. But I don't have any personal experience with them. I tend to wear Italian shoes and my favorite brand is A. Testoni.
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Without doubt Edward Green shoes are in a class of their own. The style you are looking in the Edward Green collection would be "Chelsea" and the swan's neck detail gives it a very special elegance and grace  which no other maker can touch. They used to be sold in Paul Stuart, but now they make the purple label shoes for Ralph Lauren. I am London based, so I am not au fait with retail in the States but I believe they are sold at The Oxxford shop in NY (under their own or Oxxford label, I don't know). Go to their website (dull), get a catalogue and ask for the retailer nearest to you. Other fine English makes are Crockett & Jones and Tricker's. Church's have gone right down and are now quite crudely made, also most of their range is in "bookbinder or cobbler" which is grain removed, high shine leather and I believe only suitable for night club bouncers. People like Cleverley, New & Lingwood, Foster & Son or Wildsmith are essentially bespoke makers, who also have a range of ready to wear shoes, under their own names, which are made by Crockett and Jones, Tricker's or Alfred Sargent. (I would guess that at least 2/3 of Crockett & Jones output comes under some other label.) But as far as I am aware, Cleverley and the other names have no distribution and you can only buy their range in their London shops. I am suggesting two other non-English makers to have a look at: first the French JM Weston, they are seriously chic, but not flashy (well I suppose that's French). For my second suggestion, words like prophet and own country spring to mind: it's Alden. In Germany, Italy and France, Alden has an enormous reputation which is reflected in an enormous price. I for one, believe they are really classy shoes.
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Alden is the king of mens shoes, despite the extraordinary pricing. On a very cheap scale, try Kurt Geiger shoes out. They retail (according to the ad) at £100 pounds in London. I think that Bloomingdales stocks KG, and possibly even Barney's? --European Interloper
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I believe John Lobb and Edward Green have parted company again. If you ask in the shop, they will tell you that they used to "share a factory". They now have two diffent production facilities in Northampton "Chelsea Workshops" (EG) and "Westminster Works" (JL). From a European pespective, I think Alden shoes are quite cheap in the States, not forgetting that Alden (like most American makers) offers a choice of fittings, which European makers have stopped doing. I remember 20 years ago, I got Alan McAffee shoes in C fitting (I didn't know then, they were made by C&J and others). Now McAffee has gone (although the name is owned by Church) and so has the C fitting.
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Wow, Manton No Dormeuil and Flusser is gone, too? Where am I gonna go in NYc when I visit in a week. Drat.
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Oh wow, I didn't know Dormeuil was gone. I never got a chance to visit that store. I'm assuming just the New York store closed and not the whole firm? I guess it was their time since the market for that era of clothing is shrinking. Next time I go into Saks, I'll check and see if they're still selling Edward Greens. I have to admit I haven't been there in awhile. I own a pair of J.M. Westons and they're one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I get complimented on them all the time. There's a J.M. Weston store here in New York, and they're also sold at Jeffrey. Another brand to look at is Tanino Crisci. They have a website as well as a boutique here in New York. Their shoes have been compared to John Lobb. My ultimate though is to get a pair of Berluti shoes. But I believe they're only available in Paris. Plus I might have to take out a 2nd mortgage to buy a pair. Finally, a good mid-priced brand is To Boot by Adam Derrick. His shoes are exclusively sold at Bergdorfs and are pretty affordable for dependable shoes ($200-400; less when on sale.) They're not bespoke or anywhere near the quality of Edward Green, per se. But they're pretty good. Avoid Ferragamo. I think those shoes have gone down so much in quality.
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Does anyone have any experience with Belgian Shoes, which were featured in GQ (or was it Details?) a couple months back? I remember the article as being a quaint way of advertising... do they live up to the hype? A "business card" website exists at www.belgianshoes.com.
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I don't own a pair, nor have I ever tried a pair on, but I've heard that they are insanely comfortable. They're more of an indoor shoe, but they'll put on some sort of backing on the sole for walking outdoors. Personally they're not really my style (too "preppy chic" and kind of feminine looking, imho), but I went into the store, a little curious. However, the salespeople there are the biggest group of misanthropes I've ever encountered. I couldn't believe their attitude...
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hate to ask this, but what about the prices? for a good pair of black captoes, are lobb or green in the $500 range? i'm guessing they are more.
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