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Ok i understand. A 34oz heavy clothes small duffle would be great :-)


Your thouhts about the 073 are probably right. Better waterprofness is always a good point and when laying on the ground it makes perfectly sense to cover that part with the thin clothes. On the other hand, I will use it mainly indoor, in the car, train, airplane. In the gym, office, plane my biggest concern is always the ground, because you teare it, squeeze it rub it. So the bottom and the edges have to be built really strong for my purpose. At the end I have no doupt, that the 22oz rugged twill also is a coverage against rain and wetness in general.


The last thing is, do you know how the black 22oz rugged twill ages? I mean, I've seen many pictures from vintage tan and otter green twill. I'm curious how the black twill's patina looks like after 3-5 years.

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Originally Posted by snapehead View Post

In light of the decrease in quality for increased price, does anyone have any opinions on the bags from Vermilyea pelle?


I bought a VP bag recently, and the quality/craftsmanship is outstanding. Highly recommended.


Check out their Instagram 

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Sightsofsounds, thanks for sharing the Instagram link. You can see the quality of the materials in the pics. The day bag is interesting - can serve as a carry-on bag on a plane and a briefcase (work) or tote (play) at your eventual destination.
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Has anyone purchased a Filson from seller rustic_gear on eBay?  Are their bags legit? I'm looking at purchasing another 70220.  


Thanks in advance.

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Have not purchased one personally but I've heard feedback in this thread couple years back that it's legit then. nod[1].gif
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Re: black twill, never seen a pic of an old black twill Filson piece.   Generally, there aren't as many in circulation and they haven't been produced for all that long.   I assume with enough use and exposure to sun, they would fade into grey-black, but don't know for sure.


Re:  Ebay, there's a reseller who always has the medium duffle at a way below MSRP price with a best offer option.   With the medium duffle (old size) poised to possibly discontinue, it's always a temptation.


Re: Vermilyea Pelle, a few people have bought VP here, but haven't seen any of the typical online reviews or the obvious Filson H2H comparison here or anywhere else unfortunately.   The leather certainly looks great in the pics - and the canvas looks heavily waxed in some models.  If they had the design I wanted, I would be tempted.

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I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on Filson's 48 Hour Duffel?


I have a Filson Laptop Bag at the moment and I am quite fond of it. However, I often go on business trips and would like something where I can fir my laptop into as well as a change of clothes, and toiletries too.

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Kevin24,  if you're looking for an overnight carry-on type travel bag for business to put a change of clothes, toiletries, power cords and a laptop the 48H duffle seems perfect.   The only criticism that some might levy against it is that I think it is made from the lighter 15oz tin cloth rather than the heavier 22oz twill and has the fabric strap rather than leather one.  


I have also seen travelers use the zipped tote (ref 261) similarly though it's a simpler, smaller piece but like the briefcases, the 48 hour duffle, it also has that narrower, taller configuration which works well for carrying laptops, files books and other business items.

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So, Today I received my black 70266 sportsman's bag in new, unused condition including the tags.


The build qualitiy is amazing, the empty bag stands alone, so it's easy to pack it. The 22oz are made for lifetime and I wonder how it will look like after several years.


The hole organisation thing with two large outer zip-pockets, two hidden flat open pockets and the large main compartment with it's two dividers is just great! If not fully packed (50%) and especially let the side pocket near you quite empty, it is a great size  for everdy use with a lot of quick access pockets. Fully loaded it is quite big but also, you have fast access to your stuff, because of the clever pocket and compartment solutions.


You probably can stuff more in a smull duffle because it has one large open compartment. But for a "mixed-things" like a book, keys, purse, water bottle, small umbrella, electronic devise incl. charger and so on, the sportsman's bag is perfect.


Pictures follow up.

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New backpacks just introduced on Filson's website...

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Mike, congrats on the new bag :-)   Not sure I have seen pics of a black 266 ever - so look forward to it.


The 266 is definitely my preference for a one or two nights for personal travel i.e. perfect weekender for me.   I really like the "secret" stash pockets as it allows you keep things accessible but yet hidden!   If I am going to pack more narrow rectangular items like a laptop, Eagle Creek shirt folder, extra pair of shoes (i.e. business travel) though I typically reach for a taller, narrower bag that allows me to pack more vertically.


I put some leather tennis grip tape around the base of the front handle to avoid the leather getting chewed up by the zipper (if you go to, he has some pics of this).   Now I can use the bag without having to be so careful where I place the handle.

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I found these pictures on Ebay. They are not mine but they show how aging navy Filson

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Hmmm. Couldn't find the "old" larger sized medium duffles on the Filson website just now. Nor could I find the open twill tote.
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Any thoughts/background infos on the limited smoke grey twill bags that have been popping up on several marketplaces lately?

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Hi all


I've been reading the more recent posts and comments that Filson bags aren't as good as they used to be.


I had my heart set on the 24 hour tin cloth briefcase in Otter Green. The size was perfect for my daily use and I liked that it had external pockets.


Should I be looking at something else, if the quality is really gone downhill that much? One challenge is that I'm in Singapore. While I'm open to ordering something from the US/EU, I really want to be able to touch and feel a bag before buying. Filson is available locally and I've played with the 24 hour bag and with my limited experience, it feels pretty solid.



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