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I have the discontinued large carry-on 242 which is similar to the small Pullman. I think this more like a traditional. suitcase - you put folded clothes in it, it keeps everything tidy and you don't plan to go in and out of the bag. I use this for car trips when visiting in-laws. I can pack more clothing in it than a small duffle or Sportsman and throw it in the trunk or back of the truck.

I don't like it nearly as much as an airline carry-on as the clamshell design is not optimum for quickly pulling items in or out. But I sometimes use it for air travel when I just want more capacity in my carry-on as I am not checking anything.
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Hey all.  I took a few close-up pictures of the Filson Heritage Sportsman (70073).  I've had it for about 8 months now.  I've used it on one overseas trip to France and Italy and several domestic trips (perhaps once/week or two) over that time.


On the first pic you can see the underside of the hand strap - MUCH discussion on this.  Whatever, I think it's fine.  The straps feel super sturdy.  


On this pic, you can see some of the denim transfer.  I usually wear jeans while traveling through airports and much of this comes from the long airport walks.

The bottom corner of the bag. You can see some wear here but honestly, not that bad. I think it's starting to show a nice patina.  This bag has been set down in airports, on train stations, and all sorts of other random floors.  No rips, tears or anything else here. 

You can see more of the denim transfer in this pic and a good view of the side pockets.  Much different than Soletrane's favorite 70266 bag, these are much more streamlined and, therefore, don't hold nearly as much.  I usually only hold paperwork, etc. in there.  There are some nice side pockets that you can see here which I use to hold my various chargers, etc..  

The orange on the underflap.  Makes you feel like a rough outdoorsman as you're putting on your suit and tie.  


Hope you find these of interest.

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Thanks for the pics,
It looks like it's getting softer but still holding its shape nicely.
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@mgrennier Thanks for the pics. The bag looks pretty dam good. Is that the tan/otter two tone? If so it looks much better than the stock pics. Do you ever have issues with the external pocket buttons?
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No Gambit.  It's the tan/dark tan combo.  In looking at the Filson site it doesn't look like they offer that color combo anymore (which is crazy).


I think the pictures may make it look a bit "otter green" because of the denim transfer.  I now wonder if the model I have (at least the color combo) is no longer available directly from Filson, which is strange.  Mine is definitely the "tan/dark tan" combo - with the orange being only on the inside of the top flap.  


No issues with the external pocket buttons.  I really don't unhook those buttons so they don't get frequent use - the thread holding the buttons looks very heavy-duty but I could see a day where they unravel - but that's a ways off.  Plus - it would be an easy fix, if that ever happens.


4strongwinds.  Yes - it's very soft now - although I'd say it was pretty soft when I first bought it - much softer than the heavy duty twill.  In these pictures, I only have it about 1/4 full so it's probably collapsed a bit in the pics.  


You know, it's funny - I guess I haven't really noticed how much denim transfer there was with my bag.  It's such a great grab-and-go bag that I don't even notice it.  Also, finally, I have removed the internal dividers as I don't think they're that great for holding clothes.  Although I did put them back in to carry the ammo one day. . . and the whisky!

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Mgrennier, you have the best color combo of that bag by far. Why they would remove such a good color combo is beyond me.
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Check around online as there has to be someone that has one in stock. Hanks Clothing is one site I've had success with in the past.

You aren't getting mine!

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Originally Posted by Soletrane View Post

The Sportsman 266 has definitely become more popular post-discontinuation. I remember many preferring the medium travel bag due to the greater capacity. However, you don't get the Sportsman for max capacity, IMHO, you get it when you want a small duffle with a lot of organization. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

To me, the bulbous side pockets are a non-issue. Fill them if you want max capacity or leave them half filled if you want a more streamlined look. You choose. The side pockets also have very handy compartments to store small items plus a key strap AND behind the zippered pocket itself is an additional "secret" place to store things. It is pretty remarkable. i travel transatlantic a good deal - I can't overstate how much I like having a place for everything from loose change (open end pocket) to my cell phone (stash pocket) to my charger (side pocket). None of that typical rummaging around to find something. And my emergency change of clothes stay all very neat and unwrinkled in the middle compartment due to the dividers which stops the clothes from shifting around.



Very well said.


I was trying to decide between Med travel & Sportsman 266 about three years ago. I tried both at Hilton's Tent City in Boston and eventually opted for the M Trav. After using it for a few yrs, I found it worked but there were things I didn't like. It was a tad too bit for my typical 1-2 night driving business travel. Also when I packed it full, it flips over when carried over the shoulder.


I liked that it fit my 18" eagle creek folder that stores dress shirts, SC, etc. After some discussion here earlier this year, I ebay'd a 266 and bought a smaller eagle creek folder on closeout for $10. The 266 has become the perfect 1-3 night bag when I'm not flying. For most trips, I remove the internal dividers as I use some folders, pouches


I use the side pockets for either toiletries/dopp kit or a pair of shoes or shoe trees. I can fit a pair of sneakers in one side pocket and a pair of shoe trees on the other side. It carries better than the M Trav IMO in that it doesn't flip over on the shoulder. I'm amazed at how coveted its become since they disco'd it. Funny how that works.




The 256 is ~10 yrs old now. I've carried it daily for about 8.

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266 bought new in spring of this year. Actually made in 2013. About 16-18 international flights. European trams and trains. A couple of car trips. A lot of walking around Heathrow Terminal 5. No camping or gym use. With this type of business use - it could look newish for years. Definitely not as quick to patinate as the tin cloth. No perceptible wear to the twill. I also do not wear dark denim with this bag to avoid the blue streaks.

Here is the bottom of my 266. Very light grime under the bottom of the side pockets.

Again faint grime in corners.

No significant pilling on the underside of the straps but some abrasion on the strap from the zipper.

Top view. Looks nearly new. Wish it had the orange underside like the Heritage ;-)

Infamous huge side pockets with internal holders for small items plus built in green key strap. Can't see in photo but the pockets have width and depth so you can stuff the little pouches and still put stuff in the pocket below and in front of them.

Per Patrick, for 1-2 night business trip, it is a compact organized package. Toiletries in one side pocket, cables/chargers/adapters in the other, clothes in the main. I have looked around, there aren't too many canvas or leather bags with this level of built-in organization. Maybe it was discontinued because it took a lot of labor to make?
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Since we're all on the pictures kick tonight, here is a shot of my medium travel bag next to my navy 72/24 hour bag in the Minneapolis airport tonight.

I think I'm going to sell this medium travel to fund a meridian.
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I saw your pic, mgrennier, and the carpet shouted "airport" even before I read your message!
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Haha yep. On a 10 day stretch: Philly, Newark, Detroit, ATL, NW Arkansas and back to STL.

Lot of airport carpeting to look at!
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Originally Posted by mgrennier View Post

Haha yep. On a 10 day stretch: Philly, Newark, Detroit, ATL, NW Arkansas and back to STL.

Lot of airport carpeting to look at!

That's a lot miles. Sales?
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Originally Posted by letsi View Post

Well that's why people buy Filson and where the money is going to quality isn't a priority now... AE and Filson has the same CS strategy I guess... Awesome customer service strategy but someone's paying for it.


I don't think many customers if any would expect Filson to take a bag back because they had buyer's remorse AFTER using the bag which isn't at all defective.  


I also think the whole quality argument is overblown.  I have some older Filson bags as well as some newer ones.  I'd say the older ones look and feel sturdier, but I've not had issues with any of them.  I think Filson still offers a quality product that is close if not the same in some respects to what they've always offered (in my experience).  

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Put an offer in on a 257 in navy tonight for $160. Fingers crossed. I think this would be good for work and some gym clothes for after work as well as an overnight business trip. Going to keep my navy medium duffle, but u think I'll return my small duffle and look at a small pullman or meridian if the 266 doesn't happen.
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