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Havabeer, I haven't had a full leather travel bag in years. The canvas and leather Filson luggage scratches that 'buy it for life' itch without being prohibitively expensive, heavy, or showy. I also don't worry about damage very much at all like I would with a quality leather bag. Case in point, I alway check my Filson medium duffle - almost eagerly looking for signs of wear when I get it at the baggage claim.
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SHAMELESS (once again): If anyone reading has a Filson playing card case, pen case, draftsman weight or the Filson/Stanley 100 year bottle carrier laying around, I will pay a premium for any of these items.

I've been looking for years - come close, but haven't obtained any of them yet.

I just grossly overpaid for a Filson shave kit mislabeled as a travel kit on ebay this morning and I'm looking to do the same for any of the items listed above. I will pay double the original list price for any of the above in new condition.
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Anyone in the forum have one of the newer (or older model) of the Dry Duffle Backpack? Really looking to buy one but want to know any feedback you have. Is the Duffle too big for use as an everyday backpack?

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